Albert Haynesworth Patriots

Patriots Release DL Albert Haynesworth :
Foxborough, Mass. (AP) - The Patriots of New England took only half a season to decide that they do not need Albert Haynesworth.
Two days later he was sitting on most of the second half against the New York Giants, the Patriots released defensive lineman they had received after his rocky two-year stint with the Washington Redskins.
In six games, the Patriots, Haynesworth had only three sacks and no offers. His last play came on Sunday when the Giants lost 24-20 'left guard David Diehl denied him to open the way for 10-yard touchdown Brandon Jacobs run 9:10 remaining in the third quarter.
"We had a lot of defensive linemen active, then they played in different rotations," coach Bill Belichick said Monday. "Vince (Wilfork) is a guy, of course, we do not want, off the field, but the rest of the guys, they can not all play. A guy plays for a while and then another player and they turn ".
Belichick did not mention Haynesworth during his regular conference Tuesday. About 4 hours later, the team announced the release Haynesworth. Boston Herald first reported news.
It 'the first series of the Giants' second of time, 350-pound Haynesworth made some good plays at first, but was dominated by others. Then, part-time, after the touchdown drive Jacobs', he and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson was animated discussion.
"What we're talking about a team during the game or in the meetings and all that is between the players and coaches," Belichick said Monday.
The Patriots are 5-3, tied for first in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets and was ranked last in the NFL in defense for most of the season.
They have a new low-performing large-scale acquisition, the receiver Chad Ochocinco. They have a player selected to the Pro Bowl six times the Cincinnati Bengals acquired the same day as Haynesworth.
Albert Haynesworth Patriots
Ochocinco has just nine catches for 136 yards and no hit, but praised Belichick and offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. Haynesworth, who missed two games this season with a back injury, has been involved in any public concerns with New England, unlike its two-year stay in Washington.
"You will see how we do things here," Wilfork said when the deal was done. "I do not think is a big problem."
After signing a seven-year $ 100 million free agent with the Redskins after the 2008 season, Haynesworth feud with the new coach Mike Shanahan in 2010. He skips offseason workouts because he did not want to play nose tackle the 3-4 defensive alignment Shanahan was the installation.
Then took him 10 days to go to his trial conditioning. He lost his starting job and played only eight games before Shanahan to interrupt him in the last four because of harmful run club.
The Patriots Haynesworth July 28 for a fifth-round pick in 2013.
"Albert has been working hard. I think coming," Belichick said after the first practice with the Patriots Haynesworth. "We have a long way to go, so just take it day by day, but I think it's fine."
Four days before the season opening 38-24 win Miami Dolphins, Haynesworth was full of hope.
"I do not have much in the scheme of DC did not fit," he said. "Now I can go out and play, and I can go back to what I usually do." And last Wednesday, said, "I do everything better. I want to run and get the pin after a quarter more. Instead of just the lobby, I get the bags." But he was a backup in all six games he played.
The Patriots have good depth on the defensive line with Wilfork, Andre Carter, Shaun Ellis, Mark Anderson, Gerard Warren and Kyle Love. They also recently made two defensive linemen of the physically unable to perform list, Dead Rick Brandon, who played two games, and Ron Brace, who played one.
Deaderick "did a good job in general play, and used his hands, plays with good technique," Belichick said Monday. In other moves Tuesday, the Patriots signed wide receiver Tiquan Underwood, tight end Dan Gronkowski cut offensive lineman Thomas Welch and released to engage in Death Squad.
Underwood Patriots originally signed on August 29 after spending two seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but left five days later. Gronkowski had five catches in a game this season. Welch played in three games for the Patriots this year.
The Patriots Renounce Haynesworth, When A Star Defensive :
It sounded like an experiment in an alternative universe of football when he arrived later this summer: Albert Haynesworth, whose career was marked by flashes of brilliance password rush interrupt long periods of neglect and the minimal effort, traded to the Patriots in New England?
Albert Haynesworth Patriots
Just over three months after it happened Patriots - apparently the will to reach the limits to improve the pass rush - if it's their job to low-risk, high reward gave them a small reward after all. Haynesworth has refused to mid-season after playing in six games and has only three tackles, excision symbol of potentially problematic work ethic lost from the dressing room, even if the defense continues to struggle.
The Patriots gave the Washington Redskins fifth-round selection in 2013 to Haynesworth, a former defensive player of the year in which the Redskins had lavished a contract of 100 million dollars, only to discover that they wanted to play at tackle nose in a 3-4 defense. The Patriots are expected to be in line with Vince Wilfork to drop the bag in a 4-3 alignment. However, although the decision to let go does not significantly interfere Patriots - Ron Brace and Brandon Deaderick is on the way home - is likely to weigh on Haynesworth's career.
According to Pro Football Focus, Haynesworth him only 132 shots for the Patriots, and his short time in the field served mainly to strengthen the sense of the championship that has no motivation to be the dominant force it was in 2007 and Tennessee in 2008 Titans - the first was given a free agent by the Redskins and virtually disappeared. His arrival in New England, called Haynesworth commercial career saves, and at one point he said he did not play the rest, if it did not work with the Patriots.
The last straw in New England came Sunday, when Haynesworth was bench in the second half of the Patriots' loss to the Giants and engaged in a lively dispute with marginalizing the defensive line coach Pepper Johnson. Coach Bill Belichick Haynesworth was not on the ground because it was such a rotation worked.


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