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State College, Pa. (AP)-Coach Joe Paterno fights for his work in between, "eroding" in support of the Board of Governors of Penn State, and to expand the sexual abuse scandal and cover-up can be focused on the former assistant and once heir Jerry Sandusky. Paterno new conference was abruptly canceled Tuesday. A university spokesman cited "the current legal circumstances," said a reference to the charges this weekend that the Sandusky abused eight children between 1994 and 2009, and two directors of a supply side that have not failed to notify authorities of an incident reported by a witness in 2002.
Tuesday evening, the Commission stated that it would appoint a special committee to investigate the "circumstances" which resulted in indictments of Sandusky, athletic director Tim Curley and Vice President Gary Schultz. The Committee will be named Friday to the Council meeting regularly, as Governor Tom Corbett said he plans to attend, and explore "what error occurred and who is responsible and what are the necessary steps to ensure "similar mistakes are not made in the future.The Council also promised those responsible would be held" fully accountable "."We are determined to restore public confidence in the university," said the statement by the Council.
At least a thousand students stormed the administration building of approximately 23, EDT, shouting, "Joe Paterno!" Again and again, as Penn State cheers. Many raised their smart phones to take pictures or simply lights up at night. Some young men climbed the poles flag.
About 10 police officers on the steps of the building, the guard.
Paterno's son, Scott, said his father was disappointed by the decision of President Graham Spanier PSU to cancel a press conference. Speaking to reporters in front of his parents 'home,' said Scott, Joe was ready to answer questions in Sandusky, who maintains his innocence, and, moreover, that the father intends to coach, but the game Saturday against Nebraska, but the long journey.
Penn State University
Hundreds of fans held a rally outside the home of noisy Paterno. He showed maps, with some family members, and thanked the public for coming.
"It's hard for me to say how much it means," the 84-year coach said. "I lived there. I had people like you and the girls."When asked if he was still the coach, Paterno did not answer, but said a young woman who was with his arm around him. "This is not the time"When he returned to his house, Paterno stopped and pumped their hands above their heads, shouting: "We are ..." "Penn State" replied the crowd. "We're always going to be Penn State," Paterno said. "I'm proud of you. I've always been proud of you. Beatrice, Nebraska."
In practice this afternoon, officials quickly put plywood on exposed fence to block the vision of photographers in the area. Paterno, who earns about $ 1 million per year of school, was head coach for 46 years and the staff of the Pennsylvania State University for over six decades, and old school values ​​permeate every corner of the program .
Beyond that stretch, Nittany Lions have won two national championships, but unlike many other Division I centers, the program to avoid clashes with the NCAA. The team generates millions of dollars of annual turnover in the presence of rights, television and sponsorship, but it is stubbornly stuck to the basic white and blue uniforms, which are now the most recognizable college football.
All these things have inspired pride in the region and fierce loyalty to Paterno, who is the winner in Division I and one of the most respected in any sport. The exalted status has been the subject of lively discussion in recent days among students on campus construction workers on the street and the board PSU.
A person familiar with discussions trustees' Paterno said that there is support for "eat", but was not able to assess whether the government should take action. The same person said Spanier has also lost the support of the first board meeting Friday. A person who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity subject.While praised sent Spanier at Penn State, an official American Council on Education, said: "The central question of the government, whose task is to preserve and protect the body, not the rearview mirror. "
"It is the institution in the future," said Terry Hartle, senior vice president of the Council, the main umbrella organization of colleges and universities nationwide.
Most of the criticism surrounding Paterno was referring to his apparent inability to follow up a 2002 report on the incident, which allegedly sodomized a child Sandusky 10 years of age in the showers at the soccer complex on your computer. The witness, Mike McQueary, is now receivers coach for the team, but he was a teaching assistant at the time. McQueary said Paterno about the incident the next day, and the coach announced that Curley and Schultz, who in turn reported Spanier. Curley, and Schultz is accused of perjury or failure to notify the authorities of the incident provided by state law.
The two men, and Paterno, testified that they told Sandusky behaved inappropriately in the incident in 2002, but not so graphic account McQueary a grand jury of State.
The same jury decided the evidence that Curley and Schultz, whose role at that time also gave him control of the campus police, is not credible. Pennsylvania Attorney Linda Kelly said Paterno has not been studied, although the State Police have rebuked him and other Penn State officials are not doing enough to stop the suspected abuse."As you know, children who were victims, I think we should pray for them," Paterno said Tuesday night. Sandusky, 67, spent three decades on the staff of Penn State, before his retirement in 1999, but continued to use the school and athletic facilities where prosecutors allege that he molested several children recently as two weeks. It is often held football camps for youth in the PSU campus and maintains an office in the complex of the Nittany Lions "on the main campus.
Sandusky began working with young people at risk after founding the second mile, a charity in 1977. Now go, and spend several million dollars a year for its programs. According to the Internal Revenue Service documents, the foundation paid for the last Sandusky in 2007, when he received $ 57 000 as a consultant. He publicly broke ties in 2010. Paterno is listed on the second mile, a website as current member of the Honorary Board of Directors, a group that includes business people, the great Arnold Palmer golf course and a number of NFL Hall of Fame coach, retired Pittsburgh Steelers star Jack Ham and Franco Harris. At the same time, another potential victim has been contacted by authorities.
The man, now an adult, contact the department on Sunday after seeing the reports of the media of the arrest of Sandusky, Lt. David Young said the position of Montoursville. The researchers took a statement and sent him to the station for staff Rockview to exercise, says Young. U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania, said Tuesday he has asked education secretary, Arne Duncan to examine whether the university violated the Clery Act, which requires schools to publish an annual report of all the crimes that are reported to the campus security or local police.
AP Sports Writers Nancy Armour and Jim Litke in State College, and AP writers Mark Scolforo, Justin Pritchard and Justin Pope and AP researcher Judith Ausuebel contributed to this story.


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