Herman Cain Press Conference

Herman Cain A Press Conference On Sexual Harassment Clain: Does He Admit Wrongdoing? 
Herman Cain has scheduled a news conference in Phoenix on Tuesday to settle allegations of sexual harassment by Sharon Bialek, who became the fourth woman claiming inappropriate behavior of the GOP primary candidate. When Natalie Jennings reported:
Herman Cain, the competitors were not able to release that sexual harassment allegations have emerged in the last nine days of Cain, is preparing to deal with them again today, 05:00 ET at a press conference.
ABC News and Yahoo are streaming live interviews with each of the major Republican candidates for president today, but none of them were not very willing to entertain questions scandal.
Jon Huntsman: It's a distraction and Herman Cain can handle it though Herman Cain chooses to deal with it ... Far be it from me to advise Herman Cain
Michele Bachmann: I have no information about these allegations whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this debate. Mitt Romney: These accusations are serious and will have to be treated seriously.
Among political activists, however, there is evidence of the change in attitude of Cain. Jennifer Jacobs is the Des Moines Register Iowa has interviewed several leading conservative from Sharon Bialek presented Monday in his account of the abuse case of Cain.
Herman Cain Press Conference
Bob Vander Plaats, one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in Iowa, called the incident "a turning point for the viability of his campaign," although some experts remain skeptical of claims that Republican Fix Rachel Weiner reported on Monday . Cain denied the charges and now his campaign into question the motives Bialek and his lawyer Gloria Allred.Sharon Bialek, the last woman to bring charges against Cain said Monday she was not offered money to move forward, but it was "the right thing to do." By Nia Malika-Henderson said:
The woman accused Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of unwanted sexual advances, said it has paid or promised a job in exchange for their complaints publicly."I do it because it is what to do," says Sharon Bialek ABC in an interview Tuesday morning.
She and her lawyer criticized Cain seemed to shed light on allegations that Cain reached under her skirt and asked to have sex when she came to him for advice in finding a job more than a dozen years.
"I do not think there is nothing funny about this," mother Bialek, Chicago home and alone. "And for him to do it is really unlucky." Cain, who then went to the National Restaurant Association, has vehemently denied the allegations of harassment in a television appearance on Monday night. After days of refusing to discuss the details of the charges against him, has scheduled a press conference Tuesday afternoon to "set the record straight. "There is a grain of truth in all accusations, and my team is to put these things together," he said Monday. "Therefore, I am willing to do a press conference."Bialek, the fourth woman to bring charges against Cain, but the first to do so publicly, said attorney Gloria Allred has taken his case pro bono. Bialek rejected the proposals of the campaign of Cain she had money or promised a job to return to his allegations public.
Herman Cain Press Conference
Cain suggested that the accusations against him are both racist and led the campaign of Texas Governor Rick Perry, which Perry has denied. But Bialek said he had no contact with any other Republican presidential candidate campaign.Appearing and ABC's "Good Morning America" ​​and CNN, Bialek insisted that he told the story to give voice to the other allegations, that women decided not to. Cain has to be urged in advance of his press conference after Tuesday. "It's not too late. He can go out and just end, "said Bialek." I do not want to be here. I do not think anyone. Ending it by saying, "I did these things. " As the charges build up against the businessman, is that many analysts wonder if his campaign can survive on the allegations of harassment. By Perry Bacon Jr. and Dan Eggen reported:
Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain face many new challenges, the Monday after the graphic allegations by a woman in Chicago has raised questions among GOP activists and agents of the candidate's ability to survive the growing scandal. After eight days of accusations and denials of sexual harassment alleged by Cain, the specific nature and express the new allegations threaten its position as a hard core of supporters who have stood by him, or at least remained silent."This is the first time that the allegations were physical rather than verbal harassment. These charges are more serious requiring Cain to provide a more specific denial," said Daniel Schnur, who advised Senator John McCain presidential campaign 2000 but does not participate in the contest in 2012.
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour told the conservative magazine National Review, on Monday: "If there is substance to the claim, if the American people think that no battered women, they're not going to elect him president if s 'acting. taken as true, and people think it's true, so I do not think we can overcome. "
The first allegations against Cain - dating back to 1990 when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association - was general and not specific, but Cain refused them.
Sharon Bialek changed on Monday, a press conference televised nationally, where he accused the Cain and his groping, trying to force a sexual act.Cain has launched a new campaign of denial, but did not directly respond to the demands Bialek is: "All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false," said JD Gordon, a spokesman for Cain. "Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone." Bialek charges Gordon characterized as "false attacks."


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