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Duggar Family - 17 Children :
I mentioned the Duggar family here a few times. The family with 16 (soon 17) children who are organized debt free, super and live in a huge house PAID to 7000 square feet that they (children too) have helped to build. If you are not familiar with the Duggars, I urge you to visit the discovery or learning channel and collect your sample, "14 Children and Pregnant Again", "16 Kids & Moving In" and "Away with Child 16. "Now I know that many people might think that having 17 kids is irresponsible or just crazy and could have been even one of those people once. However, it is one of the nicest most well-adjusted families will ever meet. I want to be one of the Duggar! Seriously!
So my fascination with the Duggar is not totally unfounded. You see, I went to school with Michelle 7-12. She began dating Jim Bob in our younger years. He went to private school across town, but it was on all our school functions. Here you can see my directory High School - I'm in the top left of work on the layout of the school newspaper and there on the bottom right is Jim Bob and Michelle Homecoming.This is their home while steel, children and Mom and Dad built himself. It is not too far to Fromm home. The real
Duggar Family Blog
Anyone can learn - in their money management (enterprise value) of their organizational skills that are absolutely incredible. They buy all their clothes to thrift stores, Aldi store and buy the rest of the auction. "Buy used and save the difference" is the motto of Michelle. They are ready for the commercial kitchen, which would cost more than $ 100,000 and only paid $ 11,000 for everyone to buy at auction.
They eat and cook at home most of the time, but do not know what family restaurants region promos and go overnight. A friend of mine took his family on a Sunday Taco Tico Taco 39 cents a day, but left after seeing Jim Bob are in the order of nearly 100 tacos!
There are two sets of twins in the mix of 16 children. They are all beautiful and healthy children. Michelle has been fortunate to have healthy babies. I KNOW my body has never "recovered" after pregnancy - I can not imagine 15 pregnancies. Wow.
There is a link at the bottom of this blog site Duggar family. Check it out! Although reality TV shows the funny side of this family. Monday on Oprah presents "Amazing Families" and I think the Duggar be there. I know he went to Chicago to record a program on Oprah on December 9, so you think "is unique in that they are. I can not wait!
I'm not a Duggie.
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