Sandusky Ohio

Sandusky is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Erie County.It is located in northern Ohio and is situated on the shores of Lake Erie, almost exactly halfway between Toledo and Cleveland to the west to the east. The population was 27,844 in 2000-census. In 2008 Sandusky had an estimated population of 25,688.According to US Census 2007 estimate, the Sandusky, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 77,323 inhabitants.Sandusky is one of the destinations of Ohio's most popular tourist. The city is home to the company Cedar Fair Entertainment, a regional leader in amusement parks and entertainment, as well as its flagship amusement park, Cedar Point. Cedar Point boasts the second largest collection of roller coasters in the world, and many record holders past and present. The park also has the largest collection of rides in a unique park and many exciting rides flat and kiddie areas.National Arbor Day Foundation has designated Sandusky as a Tree City USA.
Fort Sandusky was a British outpost established commercial and military around the 1744th American Indians who lived in the immediate vicinity was the Seneca, displaced New York at the beginning of the war of the American Revolution.
Sandusky Ohio
The generally accepted theory is that the name "Sandusky" is an Anglicization of expression in San Too Chee, meaning "cold water". Less accepted theory is that the city takes its name from Polish fur trader associations in the name of Antoni Sadowski or Jacob Sodowsky. The name "I. Sandoski" appears on the map 1733, when the Sandusky Bay has been identified as Lac (lake) is a map Sandousk√© 1718, Guillaume Delisle.The family name was originally written in Polish Sadowski with a pronounced "Sung-Doff-ski", but the English letter "W", unlike Poland, is not pronounced like the letter "V". Assimilated to the English version was "Sandoski". Mayor Sandusky was a safe haven and a new beginning for the refugees of the Firelands, the battlefields of the Revolutionary War in Connecticut. Norwalk, the county seat of Huron (just south of Erie County), is the name of Norwalk, Connecticut. Similarly, New London is named after the town in Connecticut.
Established as Portland in 1816, the name was changed two years after Sandusky. Norwalk was also established in 1816, while both were growing towns unified Huron County. Soon after, thanks to the growth of both towns, Erie County, the second smallest (by area) of Ohio, was born. The county includes the newly renamed west across Sandusky, Vermilion, east and north of the line of South Norwalk.
Before slavery in the United States, Sandusky was an important stopping point for the Underground Railroad. As described in the novel's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom, many slaves seeking freedom in Canada to reach their way to Sandusky, where they entered the boats across the Lake Erie port of Amherstburg, Ontario.Sandusky center has been designed according to the plans altered grid, known as the Kilbourne Plat after the designer. The original way to display a grid overlaid with streets like the symbols of Freemasonry. Hector Kilbourne was a surveyor who established the grid in downtown Sandusky. He was the first Worshipful Master of the Sandusky Masonic Lodge.
Sandusky was the site of the land for the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad September 17, 1835. Currently, Battery Park Marina is located on the original site of the train and MR LE. The tracks that ran through downtown Sandusky have been eliminated. Most of the industrial city of the region is being re-used for other purposes, including without limitation marine impurities. The coal docks located west of downtown still use some of the lines original MR & LE.The city was a center of paper manufacturing. The Company Hinde and Dauch Paper was the largest employer in the city in 1900.
Tourism :
Sandusky has a very important tourism industry is powered by the famous attraction in Cedar Point, and later by its waterpark many interior and exterior.
Cedar Point :
Sandusky Ohio
In 1870, Louis Zistel, a local businessman, opened a beer garden, a Jacuzzi and a dance floor is Cedar Point peninsula. Over the years, the region has become an increasingly popular destination for relaxation and leisure. In 1892 the mountains before the park, Switchback Railway, was built. The Bay Shore hotel called Hotel was opened in 1899. According to Cedar Point rollercoaster, the figure-eight roller Trekking, was opened in 1902. Over the years and, increasingly rides and attractions were added to the park, including Midway Games.Before 1914, the park can be reached only by boat, but in that year opened the road connecting the park and the land and the location on the Sandusky road. Cedar Point Marina, one of the largest in the Great Lakes, was completed in 1959.
In 1964, Blue Streak, a wooden roller coaster was built and the name of the mascot of the local high school. Today is the oldest operating roller mountain park. In the second half of the twentieth century, Cedar Point roller broken countless records as a mountain ride with corkscrew (first coaster with three or more investment), Gemini (the fastest roller coaster and the largest in the world when it was built in 1978) Magnum XL-200 (the fastest roller coaster and the largest in the world when built in 1989), Mean Streak (roller coaster fastest and largest in the world of wood when they were built in 1991), Raptor (the fastest roller coaster and largest inverted coaster in the world when built in 1994) and Mantis (the largest and fastest stand up roller coaster in the world when built in 1996).
In 2000, Millennium Force was built at 310 meters high and 93 miles i Timen speed. In 2003, starts at Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster. When it was built was the highest (420 m) and fastest (120 mph) roller coaster in the world. Cedar Point roller mountains carried his total to 17 in 2007 with the construction of Maverick, which makes the park with roller coasters and most rides in the world. It has long been nicknamed "the American coast of the roll." It is also ranked the best theme park in the world Prix GT.
Water Parks :
The tourist attraction produced by Cedar Point has attracted companies and parks water resources in the region. A list of major water parks in and around Sandusky are:


  • Soak City
  • Monsoon Lagoon (Danbury Township.)

  • Castaway Bay
  • Great Wolf Lodge (Perkins Township.)
  • Kalahari Resorts (Perkins Township.)
  • Maui Sands (Perkins Township.) (Out of Business as of Thanksgiving Day, 2008)
  • Rain indoor waterpark is located in the Quality Inn & Suites.


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