Heavy D Dead At 44

A member of Heavy D just told us that the rapper had pneumonia.
Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Heavy D had just returned from shopping and walked up some stairs when he began to have difficulty breathing. Adam Mills, a designer who was in the building and knew Heavy D, found him leaning against a railing and clearly in distress. Adam says he shook Heavy D on his knees, as others have said Adam called 911th Heavy D was conscious and said, ". I can not breathe, I can not breathe "When the ambulance took Heavy D at the hospital, he had a pulse. People in the building said he died of a heart attack, but we were unable to confirm this hypothesis. Law enforcement sources tell us ... no cheating was involved, and so far the only known cause of death was "medical".Rap legend Heavy D - one of the most influential rappers of the 90s - died earlier today ... TMZ has learned.
Heavy D Dead At 44
Heavy D - Real Name Dwight Arrington Myers - was hospitalized in Los Angeles for a half day today ... and was pronounced dead in hospital at age thirteen. He was 44.We learned a 911 call was placed at home in Beverly Hills around 11:25 Heavy to report an unconscious man on the bridge.When help arrived, said Heavy D was conscious and talking - and was taken to a nearby hospital.
He died shortly after. Police investigating the death - and so far there are no apparent signs of foul play. Police are currently at home.Heavy D had several hits - including "Now that we found love." He also wrote and performed the theme song from "In Living Color" ... and appears as an actor in the movie "Life".
Heavy just performed a concert of Michael Jackson Tribute Wales on 8 October. He sang "Jam" with La Toya Jackson - and it rocked (video below).
Eddie F - one of the founding members of Heavy D & The Boyz - issued a statement true to his old friend ... said: "We were just young children of high school when we got in the game just want to make music fun filled with love and excitement,We always had so much fun in a group. I have all the happy times we had together at the same time, knowing that will help build the movement and the legacy of what we call Uptown Records' ... and added:" I I love, Hev, and we all miss you so much. "
Heavy D, Died 44: A Tribute To The Big Screen :
Hip hop artist Heavy D, died today (Nov. 8) is too young age of 44. "Now that we found love" singer, best known for work on the R & B scene, but the Jamaican born Heavy D was known for the number on the screen as well. In fact, his work as an actor can be seen as recently as the "Tower Heist," directed by Brett Ratner and starring Eddie Murphy comedy currently in theaters.
In honor of Heavy D, take a look back at some of the most memorable turns of the artist on the big screen.
It is normal that one of the first appearances Heavy D screens have a strong attachment to his final bow: He starred in the comedy of 1999-The "life" in the future "Tower Heist" co-star Eddie Murphy. The film was also produced by "Heist" producer Brian Grazer. D played in "Life" with a gratin of actors, including Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac and Anthony Anderson.
Heavy D Dead At 44
"The Cider House Rules"
Personality and heavy presence lent itself easily to comedy, but he was no stranger to award-winning fare is: he played Peaches in "The Cider House Rules" The Contender 1999 Oscar on the connection of a young man in a orphanage during World War II.
"Boston Public"
Heavy D had a presence on the small screen operation and the general. He had a recurring role on the Fox side "Boston Public" as Bob "Big Boy" Lick, school counselor compassion. D appeared in 13 episodes of the TV series from 2000 to 2003.
OK, OK, so Mr. D has not been done in this comedy, but "Now that we found love," provided the musical tapestry in which Will Smith and Kevin James danced in the final scene of the wedding. We try, we can not hate "Hitch." And always let's dig into rap 90.
"Tower Heist"
His last appearance was brief, but memorable: Heavy D had a look of this "Tower Heist" weekend as a guard at the courthouse. Nothing fancy, but was surrounded by great actors and collaborators in their final effort of the previous film.


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