Justin Bieber Baby

Justin Bieber Denies Having Created A Baby, Baby :

Justin Bieber was quite easy in his young career. Apart from the packs of screaming girls planting and decide when it is too early to release a Christmas album, the singer of 17 years has not faced many challenges in their climb to the top of the music world. That could soon change: A woman named Mariah Bieber says Yeater is the father of her infant son 3 months. Yeater filed legal papers Justin passed requiring a paternity test to "confirm scientifically" that he is the father, reports Radar Online, and is seeking "adequate support for my baby." This place is to get the Maury Povich here.
Yates said in a signed statement that she met the singer backstage after Bieber October 25, 2010 concert in Los Angeles Staples Center. A security guard allegedly if Yeats in the crowd and asked if she would like to meet Justin. "Immediately it was clear that we are mutually attracted to each other and we started kissing," Yates told Star Magazine (with radar), and added that he suggested they go to a private place. The place was a private bathroom Staples Center. For the more outrageous, explicit details, see radar.

Staples Center is a particularly romantic Biebi: He recently leased the entire arena, so he and his girlfriend Selena Gomez could watch Titanic together. However, Bieber representatives were quick to respond to the Yeater said: "Although we have not seen the cause, it is sad that someone did a bad, supports degrading, and demonstrably false There will be vigorously pursued all legal means to defend and Justin protect against these accusations .. "Yeater was 19, and Bieber 16 hours at meetings should be the bathroom, so their brief flirtation to avoid charges of rape law in California, Gawker writes.
Justin Bieber Baby
Bieber even tweeted the charges early this morning and said, ". All the buzz ... buzz ... Im going to focus on the positive music ...."
But things in perspective: Gossip rag first Star Magazine reported Bieber claims paternity, and the cover of their current Big Yellow letters saying: "Justin & Jen Married", referring to the Aniston / Theroux marriage, which does not happen. So, is the most reliable source, even if their 'Kim to get out! "The story of last week's issue of the separation expected Kardashian. The news of the scandal Bieber is spreading rapidly, however:" Mariah Yeater, "is now a topic trends on Twitter. (Tweet example:" ... Mariah Yeater, u 'King Bieber lawyers knocking down u down u Beliebers to pieces and then u baby in jail RH ")
Father of a child at a young age is not exactly a killer career - the first child of Lil Wayne came when the rapper was only 15 - but the market is incredibly fickle when it comes to these things. The fall of the Jonas Brothers could be traced to the time when Joe Jonas began dating actress Ashley Greene (or was it Camilla Belle?), Broke the heart of millions of disappointed fans who thought they really had a chance with him. Something as Benin that dumping Taylor Swift over the phone - like Joe Jonas did - could be the difference between gold and platinum will go, so imagine the reaction of fans Bieber, if they find their idol was the father of a child in a concert hall Arena -.


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