Occupy Oakland General Strike

Occupy The Round Up: Oakland General Strike, Excavators Virginia, And Victory In The Courts :

Occupies in Oakland, now completely re-introduced in the original Plaza and nearby Snow Park has called for a general strike, and Wednesday, November 2 in Oakland.
To occupy the General Assembly, a meeting open to all those who require a unanimous decision, has accepted the call last Wednesday, the day after tomorrow infamous eviction Management Oakland leading the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators, in which case a critically injured veteran marine head, Scott Olsen. According to the website of Manning, after a strike of about 1,600 people voted during the GA. Since then, a general strike has approved the development of various degrees of teacher unions in Berkeley and Oakland, and the SEIU Local 1021, for example.

Occupy Oakland General Strike

Perhaps the most interesting answer to the Oakland police strike an open letter to the people in Oakland. Oakland Police Association (Opoa), the letter expresses frustration with the mayor's office on Tuesday, ordering the evacuation, then employment will be returned the next day.
The letter noted that the term meant a million dollars the action of U.S. police no use at all - with the exception of spawning an investigation of OPD, and be Oakland national and international criticism. The association also notes that the city is to give employees the city most day off to support the strike, while requiring all right to work that day, apparently to the police in March. In addition to being confusing, the police are obviously angry against the Mayor Quan and feel that they are blamed for mistakes of office politics. How it is played for a general strike tomorrow is unpredictable.
Meanwhile, continuing evictions and actions around the country. The police opened the occupant Richmond, Virginia, with bulldozers and dump trucks, resulting in nine arrests Monday morning. One of the occupants gave a detailed account of the first person to negotiate with the police to remove the camping gear before trucks are in On Saturday police arrested 15 demonstrators gather in Denver, and used pepper balls and mace in volume in response to the occupants of the tents in the State Capitol / Civic Center area of ​​Denver. Snow and frost are already frameworks in Denver, but the occupants have promised to stay despite the weather.
In Tennessee, the police began arresting protesters gather Nashville last Thursday, only to see them come back every day to be arrested again. Now that the ACLU obtained a restraining order against the police, forbade them to keep the arrest Gather participants that defies Nashville has recently established a curfew for the Legislative Plaza in Nashville. The judge called the curfew a "restraint francs before the freedom of expression," to put the action on the basis of occupation proved First Amendment.
To date, all professions have returned after their expulsion, usually holding a general assembly in 24 hours.

# Occupywallstreet movement as a whole has fallen behind the idea of ​​the "Day of bank transfer," which encourages people to close their accounts, for-profit commercial banks and the transfer of credit unions in November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. Now, a credit union, TruMark, capitalizes on the act, offering customers the transfer a gift certificate for $ 50 if they open their account through Saturday. They even put the iconic mask of Guy Fawkes on their faces.


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