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Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham (June 4, 1919 - November 1, 2011)  was a housewife and mother of U.S. Secretary of State and former US Senator and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton .
Biography :

Dorothy Howell was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Edwin John Howell, Jr. (1897-1946), Chicago firefighter, and Della Murray (1902-1960). His sister, Isabelle Howell (born 1924). His parents were dysfunctional and unhappy and pays only sporadic attention to children before divorcing in 1927. The children were then sent on the train itself  grandparents father lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Alhambra, California.  the sisters have harsh treatment from their grandparents and Dorothy left home at age 14 and worked as a nanny.When Dorothy graduated from Alhambra High School in 1937,  he moved to Chicago for the failed reunion with her mother, who by then had married Max Rosenberg. He then moved to his home there, and office jobs to support themselves.
Dorothy Rodham Wiki
While looking for typists used to work in a textile company, he met a salesman, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, eight years her senior,  in 1937. After a long courtship, they married in early 1942. 'became a full-time homemaker, raising three children, Hillary, Hugh and Tony, a suburb of Park Ridge, Illinois. He encouraged the Secretary of State Hillary has and continues to love learning, training and career, although he had never done it myself. In contrast to strong Republican views of her husband, Dorothy Rodham was, as his daughter later wrote: "In principle, a Democrat, although he thought it was a quiet Republican Park Ridge.

n 1987, Rodham Clinton and her husband moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, to be near her daughter and granddaughter, Chelsea. An excellent student in his youth, Rodham took college courses in subjects such as psychology, logic and the development of the child, but never graduated.
Hugh Rodham died in 1993. Dorothy Rodham is still active, but its value privacy and rarely spoke to the media , even when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004. In 2006, he moved to Clinton's house in Whitehaven in the Kalorama neighborhood of large Washington, DC
In December 2007, she made a rare public appearance in Iowa to campaign for the presidential candidacy of his daughter, and later appeared in a television advertising campaign Clinton.
He died on 1 November 2011 in Washington, DC


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