Rick Hendrick Plane Crash

NASCAR Owner Survives Crash Of A Private Plane, Seven Years After The Previous Accident Killed 10 - Including His Own Son To Learn More: 

A small jet carrying the owner of the top NASCAR team, and his wife has lost its brakes and landed in Key West Airport Monday evening, but the couple suffered only minor injuries.
Gulfstream 150 aircraft carrying team owner Rick Hendrick and his wife, Linda, went off Key West International Airport on the evening of Monday, stop dirt area of ​​security built in the month of May.
Crash is only seven years after the last jet, owned by Virginia Hendricks' rushed to kill the couple's son, Ricky Hendrick's brother and his twin brother. The couple had minor injuries and the pilot and copilot were taken in the Lower Keys Medical center as a precaution, but were released every Tuesday morning.

Now I'm sure back in North Carolina with Hendrick diagnosed with broken ribs and a broken collarbone, and Mrs. Hendrick treat minor cuts and bruises. The two pilots were evaluated and released without injury.

Rick Hendrick Plane Crash
Commenting on the length of the runway of the aircraft exceeded the Airport Director Peter Horton told the Miami Herald that "the result would have been different and probably catastrophic" without the addition of the security zone. The car slid through the appropriate 4800-foot runway before stopping the security of a territory stretches 600 feet.The car is registered in the Jimmie Johnson Racing II, Inc., Charlotte, NC
Johnson is the defending NASCAR champion five times, and the use of Hendrick Motorsports, Rick Hendrick, who owns them.

In addition to Johnson, Hendrick fields also auto four-time champion Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin.
The team has just celebrated his 199th career victory in the Sprint Cup series.
"It 'been a really big shock. Very eerie feeling," said Earnhardt in as Vegas, where he attended the annual SEMA show, which presents the automotive specialty-equipment.
"I am very happy that he and everyone seems fine.
Rick Hendrick Plane Crash
The crash of 2004, the personal jet of Mr. Hendrick, October 24, was heading to a race in Martinsville, Virginia, where he fell, killing 10 passengers on board.
Among them was his 24-year-old son, Ricky Hendrick, a NASCAR stock car driver and part owner of Hendrick Motorsports.
The National Transportation and Safety determined that the accident was caused by pilot error.

The accident of the Monroe County Sheriff's office Monday night by radio with the pilot and copilot, the plane had no brakes on landing at Key West.
Horton said the plane left the runway and 100 feet beyond a safety zone of 600 feet, which was completed in May
"Had we not done this, I probably would have been a different story," Horton said of the security zone is designed as a trailing space.
The pictures show the plane crash almost intact and with the nose resting on the ground about 20 feet in front of an airport boundary fence chains.
The NTSB will investigate the cause of the accident.


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