Veteran Means

What Does Being A Veteran :

For me, being a veteran is not at all in the recognition he receives from his fellow citizens after returning from deployment throughout the year, or even just for R & R. Being a veteran means they have voluntarily given up everything you can give your country and do not require or expect no gratitude for the infinite amount of time spent in custody or have been lost years away from people like. Being a veteran means they are willing to sacrifice everything and show people that care so there is no limit or would not travel any distance to ensure their safety and welfare.
Being a veteran means you have endured more than a war, you also endured endless pain and the emotional devastation that comes from being away from your children, your wife / husband and your parents. Few people realize that when we are veterans of the family that we leave for the duration is expected of us, they also become much of a veteran who we are.
Veteran Means
It takes great courage to be a soldier, but it takes even more courage to be a spouse, family member, and the senior member of the service. I believe that fear every day that lead takes nerves of steel, hardened and guts to be able to keep faith, and faith alone, that God watches over you, but I believe that you will return home for the people who you are protected.I realized that there is more to be a veteran that most people think. Being a veteran does not only cover part of a brother / sister, is also something you carry with you for the rest of his life. The experience we have through which we are very grateful that you are life-changing events can change a person in a split second.Being a veteran, you should be prepared to give everything without expecting anything in return (apart from a cold beer to take the edge).
I am a proud soldier in the U.S. Army and I love the country we live I love my family and I miss every minute I left. Read more: Daily Home - What does being a veteran

War Veterans To Reflect On What Veterans Day Means To Them Today In Bay City :

Bay City - Today, Veterans Day, American Legion Post No. 18, 700 Adams Street in downtown Bay City had taken the veterans who gathered to share their stories and to celebrate the lives of war veterans.
Vietnam War veteran Ed MacDonald in Bay City, told the assembly as a meeting with mental physical contact between his fellow men who served in the armed forces.
"Today is a celebration of life," said MacDonald 63. "Everybody out of nowhere and said," Hi, how are you?
Frank Whalen, also a veteran of the Vietnam War, Bay City, said he remembered the friends he lost in Vietnam during the battles in this national holiday. He said he is the luckiest in the world who have lived his last years in Vietnam.
Whalen, 67, said: "This is an opportunity for us to honor the men and women who fought for our freedom."
Although Legion appears a considerable amount of talk about the meaning of the feast, many gentlemen have shared what they remembered home. MacDonald shared that when the troops returned to many States after the fight in the 70's. He said that different men returned to their lives as they were some years ago."Our house and got into what we have done: raise our families and work," he said.
Bill Fournier, a veteran of 66 years, the Vietnam War, Bay City, was stationed in Germany between 1968 and 1970. While abroad, he developed a deep passion for antiques and imports, he said. His interest led him to open an antique shop. Today it is known as the Antique Center located at 1010 Bay St. N. Water in Bay City.

Fournier aims to send home the grandfather clock that he bought $ 35 in Germany, the value is about $ 200 in the United States.
"The course was very positive. The dollar was strong, so I bought a lot of antique German, "he said.
MacDonald shared some information about what it meant going to war in the United States at the end of 1960. He said in one big city airports, people have fled, where he was sitting. There were many wars and soldiers of the individuals were not considered heroes, MacDonald says.
Although they were proud of their contribution to the fight against the freedom of the nation, do not always hear, said MacDonald.
On the other hand, Fournier said that small towns had a better understanding of military warriors and underground cities. Veterans who had been born in Sebewaing and said it welcomed home.
"We felt we were doing the right thing. It was a different opinion," said Fournier. "We had a farewell party and back home. Everyone has been touched by someone at the right time."
Basically, Veterans Day is to support others to meet men and women veterans, Mike Jamrog, 62, a veteran of the Vietnam War, of Bay City said.
"People here, we keep each other alive by sharing our stories," said Jamrog.


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