Uss Carl Vinson

Consider The Life Of The USS Carl Vinson :

SAN DIEGO - When the planes - and birds, as they like to call them on board the USS Carl Vinson - the guys on the flight deck, the blue shirts by help things clear, there is a feeling like no other.
"You can feel your body shake,''said James McCaughan, a 21-year-old Marine from Virginia." There is this huge forest fires, so there's a line you have to stand behind, but you can still feel the burn.''
That, for the rest of us less brave souls, raises the question: Why? Why do this? Why live on a floating boat, as long as the Empire State Building is tall, floating in a dark sea that, at any time could go in the calm waters of hostility?
"I do not think I ever want a job as big as this,''said Michael Myers, a 24-year-old Norristown, Pennsylvania, who joined the Navy three years ago." The adrenaline rush, what we do, there is no such thing.''

Classic carrier on the night of Friday, between Michigan State and North Carolina No. 1 basketball will be a spectacle, with a courtyard and is installed on a flight deck, a basketball game outdoors in the world the indoor climate. He played in the same boat that was used to rid the body of Osama bin Laden six months ago.
And on 11/11/11, will be President Obama and his wife, Michelle, to be exclusive among the crowd of 7000 witnessed a game that is literally a logistical operation of military precision.
Except basketball is SideShow. The numbers game, as Roy Williams and Tom Izzo knows only too well, but the end result is ultimately not what it is.
This is the Veterans Day and the active military service, the 2941 crew members on board the USS Carl Vinson, who was in Haiti to provide more than 1 million pounds of food and 40,000 pounds of equipment Medical after the quake, which was the first to launch air strikes in the wake of the September 11 attacks and who will leave their home in San Diego again in the near future to unknown destinations.
This is a game full of meaning and message - the meaning and message, which is especially poignant this week.
As iconic image crumbles Penn State, the word hero is back again and sporting idolatry is exposed to a dangerous love affair.
But aboard the Vinson are men and women, many no older than the players who give their show Friday night basketball with an average day is amazing and extraordinary day is unthinkable.
Uss Carl Vinson
These are the heroes.
"You know it's dangerous, but let's keep that out of my head,''Cody said Erickson, Minnesota." There is a concern.''
Baby Face Erickson was the Navy only nine months, a decision supported by her parents, even though his sister was less enthusiastic about it.
It is just 20 - "turning 21,''it will remind you, or a year younger than the State of Michigan before Draymond Green ..
Green defining moment? 2009 Final Four in Detroit, Michigan, with fans of the state took over the city.
Erickson is? Give the burial of Osama bin Laden at sea.
"I do not think I am mature enough to do what they do, so it really surprised to see how young people are,''said Green." It takes a lot of discipline, so that it is like a basketball. But it is the only way.''
Erickson is typical of a lot of people. He joined the Navy after a semester of school made him realize that was not much, at least not yet. They saw the taking of marine and destination, a place that offered the allure of adventure, but also the accuracy of the discipline.
Since then have come to reality. That between an adventure, a day can be monotonous.
"It 'really boring at times,''said John Meeth, 24, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who was a fan of Wolverine, but the links to the Spartans for a night." They are doing things to keep us entertained - board games, things like that, but can age.''
But the reward for boredom is the chaos and pressure. They thrive on that athletes somehow stop the sound to work consistently and with determination.

Most people think of the cockpit of the aircraft carrier to drive something "Top Gun", a smooth talking and arrogant pilot snappy better their bad slips.
The reality is much less Hollywood. It 'a long day of training without end - something an athlete can relate, but the effects of which nothing else can compare.
"You go through hell, training-wise, to make sure you are ready,''said Myers.
Meeth works with the ship self-defense weapons, which makes it all work for the people in charge of tactics.
Myers, Erickson, McCaughan and Darius Hainsworth is part of the transaction resulting in the cockpit of organized chaos that is the reality for aircraft in the air.
They are blue shirts - one notch below the highest rating yellow shirts - but before they can be something they walk around with T are on their "skull." "It is our helmet," McCaughan said.
T-labeled and meant that students were not allowed to go in the cockpit without an authorized person.
"I will not lie, the first time you go up there without T is pretty scary,''Erickson busy." It can be a very stressful because there are so many things.''
Four Vinson plays a day and night, even the darkest nights when the carrier is at sea, without light and the arc is a strange feeling.
Rather, they are protective of their turf. "This is our home,''said Mr. Myers." So you know what it is. No one comes to your home.''
In addition to this weekend, when their home was infiltrated by an awkward pieces of metal stairs, walk in the media and basketball players, who are twofold Explore up close aboard the Vinson.
This game is definitely a break from normality on the ship.
And you will not find any complaints about it.
"I'm sure, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, I just said to stay where they are and call you if he needs me,''said Meeth, which is in service, and not military between 4000 and women involved in the game. " So be a little 'different. But I do not mind. We appreciate it. We are grateful for all this. We really are.''


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