Penn State Riot 2011

Penn State Riots: If The University Can Not Fire Joe Paterno, There Is Something Wrong? 
Penn has been satisfactorily answered riot, Joe Paterno fired? It was much more than football, but some say violent reaction indicates a deeper problem schools.Penn State revolt broke out on Wednesday in State College, Pennsylvania, after news that football coach Joe Paterno had been hit in the middle of an increasing fury of how the school handles allegations of sexual abuse assistant coach.
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Photos of Penn State riots Wednesday sheds light on an old issue of college sports: Do they have too much power in universities?Undoubtedly, the situation is taking place at Penn State is rare if not unique, both for the heinous nature of the charges and the height of the coach in question. Joe Paterno, coach was not a typical college football.More than anything else, Mr. Paterno Penn State - the man who brought national recognition system, the man who built the football program is based on the "honor" 46 years, the winningest football coach in Division I history.
Penn State Riot 2011
IN PICTURES: Fallout From The Scandal At Penn State :
He had already announced his retirement at the end of the season. For students, such as a brutal dismissal was no way to treat a legend.
But to outsiders, like a wave of violence had no way to react. Television footage showed crowds of a reversal of television news van, smashing car windows and newspaper boxes, and aggressively fight with riot police.
Penn State riots is "twisted moral atmosphere" created when "the universities are becoming college football as the financial engine of the campus that bends to the will of the campus," said Dave Zirin, a columnist for sports magazine The Nation.
Of course, top college football programs have a strong impact on universities.
College Football is 3000000000 dollar industry, and Penn State on top of the result and win the Big Ten Conference. According to Forbes, Penn State football has generated $ 70.2 million revenue and $ 50.4 million profit for the 2009 season. Department of Athletics in his pocket more than half, $ 26400000.
Also, a big time college athletics play a role in half.
They are "almost like a cult" in the way they strike fear among school staff and students, Split, says Frank, a former professor at Northwestern University who has written extensively on corruption in sport in college.
Sport as a "glue" that binds students and graduates of his alma mater as powerful and visceral, he said. "It gives them something everyone can accomplish."
Thus, the influence on students and former Penn State Paterno was profound. The football team was created Paterno, in many ways the catalyst for what the university has become. In this way, Paterno felt in the heart of the identity of the university.
Students chanted "one more game" - asking the university to allow the coach, at least in the final home game of the season at home Saturday in Nebraska, so that fans could pay tribute to what has done.
"When you have a company town, the instinct of the world to protect business and society in this case is time college football," says Zirin.
But this claim to Jerry Sandusky question is so odious that Paterno Penn State Board fired immediately. Mr. Sandusky, former defensive coordinator in Paterno, is accused of sexual abuse of eight boys from 1994 to 2009. The indictment, a doctoral student witness Sandusky rape of a young boy in the shower and changing rooms Paterno said. Paterno informed his superiors, but no enforcement.
Paterno announces his retirement that his lack of action "is one of the great pain" of his life.
Sandusky scandal - and the riots that followed shots Paterno - are alarms for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that things are out of control, said Eldon Ham, a sports bar in Chicago.
The NCAA is nothing in place to deal with what happened to Penn State, but has no authority to extend the current mandate to help prevent cover-ups to occur. For example, the organization may introduce term limits for coaches to keep the individual coach to take over as well. Or you could use your trial period in the request that the university review its chain of command and political behavior.
So far, the NCAA has refused to deal with a scandal that makes Mr. Ham proposed the organization can be "part of a bigger problem."
"If they can not do anything, it would be under the auspices of the argument of institutional control. And this institution has lost control, "he said. "Their silence is troubling."


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