Graham Spanier Fired

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State College, PA - Penn State trustees fired football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier amid growing anger about how the school handled allegations of sexual abuse against an assistant coach.Massive reform was conducted on Wednesday evening came hours after Paterno announced that he intended to retire at the end of his forty-sixth season.But the protests following the arrest of a former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky of assault and battery charges that the government has proved too much to be ignored.

"The university is much larger than its sports teams," the Vice-Chairman John Surma said in a press conference.Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, the coach and interim provost Rodney Erickson interim president of the school."The board of directors of Penn State in the evening decided that it is in the best interest of the university to have a change of leadership to tackle the difficult problems we face," said Surma.
Graham Spanier Fired
"The last days have been absolutely terrible for the whole community of Penn State. But the indignation we feel is nothing compared to the physical and mental conditions that would have occurred."Paterno said he was disappointed by the decision of the Council, but she agreed and asked everyone to remain calm and respect for the school."The tragedy took place, and we must all have patience to give the legal process to proceed," Paterno said in a statement late on Wednesday. "I appreciate the outpouring of support, but I want to emphasize that everyone should remain calm and Honor of the University, its property, and everyone appreciates.
"I was incredibly blessed to spend my career working with people I love. I am grateful beyond words for all coaches, players and staff members who were part of this program. And to all our fans and supporters, my family and I will be forever in your debt. "Paterno received an envelope at his home on Wednesday night 15 minutes before the board made its announcement, a source of first hand knowledge, says Joe Schad ESPN. A note inside Paterno gave a phone number to call. So he did and he said to one of two board members on the receiving end, "he was relieved of his duties."

According to a person close to Paterno, the coach has tried to discover what it contained the allegations against Sandusky."I think the government looked at the current frenzy, and understandably terrible person, and can not be said to focus on Joe for a maximum of five games," the source said.
The key to the whole scandal is the reason for Paterno and other school officials did not go to the police in 2002, then said Mike McQueary, who is now receivers coach, but he was a graduate assistant at the time that saw McQueary assault Sandusky a boy at school in the shower.
But the source told ESPN that Schad Paterno hopes to clarify what McQueary said Thursday. The source recalls Paterno McQueary "vaguely" SEO "strokes" or "touch" or "shouts" of a young and Sandusky. But Paterno has never understood that McQueary had attended a "sodomy" or "rape."
Paterno said he should have done more, while Spanier, said he was not told the details of the attack.
"Our major university was rocked by serious allegations against a former coach," Spanier said in a statement Wednesday night. "The presentation of the Attorney General describes the actions that should never be tolerated or ignored. I was amazed and indignant to learn that any hostile action could have taken place in an academic institution or a person related to the university.

"I am heartbroken to think that a child may have been injured and deep convictions about the need to protect children and young people. My heart sympathies to all those who may have been a victim."
Graham Spanier Fired
Earlier in the day, Paterno said he was "absolutely devastated" when the Sandusky, was charged with his one-time heir apparent, of molesting eight boys of 15 years, some of the abuses taking place Penn State complex football.When the ignition, Paterno shook hands with a dozen supporters, who were outside the house. Later, his wife, Sue, had tears in his eyes and blowing kisses around 100 students on the lawn. "You are all so wonderful. And I think we have to go to Nebraska to win without being there. We love you all. Go Penn State," he said.Thousands of students also down on the administration building and shouted. "We want Joe back," then headed downtown Avenue Beaver Almost all students were dressed in gear.The Penn State layoffs came three days before Penn State hosts Nebraska in its final game of the season, usually one day set aside to honor the elderly on the team.Earlier, on Wednesday, Paterno spoke of his team for about 10-15 minutes the auditorium of the structure of football on campus. Standing on the podium, he told the players he was leaving, and burst into tears.
The players gave him a standing ovation when he left. Junior corner back Stephon Morris said some players were also close to tears as Paterno spoke.. "Still I can not believe," said Morris. "Coach Paterno I've never seen in my life" and asked what was the main message of the speech Paterno, Morris said: "Beat Nebraska."
Exclusion is the man affectionately known as "Joep" door at the end of a job coaching plans - not only in college football but all sports. Paterno has 409 wins - has made a series of college football's most important - has won two national titles and led five teams are unbeaten, untied Seasons. He reached 300 wins faster than any other coach.
Penn State is 8-1 years, with his only loss to Alabama Power. The Nittany Lions are No. 12 in the Associated Press poll and the BCS rankings.
After 19-ranked Nebraska, Penn State plays Ohio State and Wisconsin (No. 18 BCS, No. 16 AP), two Big Ten rivals. He has the opportunity to play in the Big Ten championship game on Dec. 3 in Indianapolis, with a Rose Bowl presented by Vizio offers on the line.
After Tuesday's meeting, the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State University said he would appoint a commission to investigate the "circumstances" that led to charges of Sandusky, and athletic director Tim Curley and Vice President Gary Schultz, who are accused of an alleged cover-up.
Paterno and Curley Schultz announced around 2002 charging abuse and the target of criminal investigations. Curley, and Schultz, has been accused of not reporting the incident to the authorities.
Sandusky, who retired from Penn State in June 1999, has maintained his innocence through his lawyer. Curley took a leave and Schultz decided to resign. They also say they are innocent.
Friday, the committee shall be appointed at the regular meeting of the Board that Governor Tom Corbett said he plans to attend and examine "the failures occurred and who is responsible and what measures are necessary to ensure" the same mistakes are not made in the future.

In Washington, U.S. Department of Education said it has launched an investigation into whether Penn State has not reported incidents of sexual violence at school, as required by federal law.
Mark C. Sherburne, Curley acting as a replacement ad, released a statement Wednesday, said the school is "devastated" by the allegations of the presentation to a grand jury against Sandusky.
"Our thoughts are with the children and their families," he said."Every day we are entrusted with people's lives, and we - we never - to take that trust lightly," said Sherburne. "We are shocked that the value of trust is broken we can not promise that we will do everything in our power to restore the trust broken all within the -.. Athletic Coaches, administrators, staff and student-athletes - are involved in this effort."
Sandusky Second Mile, founded the charity in 1977 with a high risk group of young people. Now go, and spend several million dollars a year for its programs. Paterno is listed on the second mile, a website as a member of the Honorary Committee of Directors, a group that includes business people, the great Arnold Palmer golf course and a number of NFL Hall of Fame coach, retired Pittsburgh Steelers star Jack Ham and Franco Harris.Wednesday morning, Paterno said he planned to retire at the end of the season, but the council had other ideas.In a statement, Paterno said: "I weep for the children and their families and pray for their comfort and relief."He continued: "I came to work every day for the past 61 years have a clear goal in mind. To serve the best interests of the University and young people who have been entrusted to my care that I have the same goal today."


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