Brett Ratner Howard Stern

Howard Stern Defends Brett Ratner, Slams Hollywood As "a Madman" 
Howard Stern called out the hypocrisy of Hollywood on Wednesday, said the entertainment industry celebrated a director (Roman Polanski), who drugged and had sex with a 13 year old girl and an actress (Hilary Swank) who attended the birthday party of a notorious abuses of human rights while taking account of Brett Ratner use of the word "fag" unforgivable.Stern has begun to see Sirius XM Radio to defend Ratner, who left the Academy of TV as a producer, after saying, "Exercise: fags s" at the screening of Tower Heist, who directed.
Howard Stern Over The Years :
The consequences of this imprudence continued on Wednesday, when the tower Heist retired star Eddie Murphy's Oscar hosting duties.Stern, who has received Ratner is an insult "FAG" by Hollywood Reporter, said he stopped using that word a long time ago, but Ratner was not gay-bashing when it used to, so he would lose his job as manufacturer, and 84 TV Academy.
Brett Ratner Howard Stern
Hollywood Memories Mea Culpa :
Stern also assumes that the problems began when the director Ratner was a guest on Stern's show on Monday and spoke in graphic terms about their sex lives. A video of HowardTV then includes parts of the interview on Monday and some of Stern's comments follow Wednesday morning.
"I am now the producer of the Oscars, so I really can not talk about all the sex I am," Ratner said Stern, before we talk about his "big balls" big sperm, a penchant for oral sex and how he made the actress Olivia Munn "look like a prostitute."
Listening to Howard Stern's comments in
Ratner, Stern told his audience on Wednesday, "was nice enough to call the show the other day, and it seems that cost him the ability to produce an Oscar, who had a dream."
"I thought it was very interesting," Stern said Wednesday that his interview with Ratner two days before. "Honestly, I find it refreshing to talk because he was honest."
Then he asked in Hollywood, calling it "a city where people have to run in the closet for many different things."
"The Oscars are the place where Charlie Sheen, types can get applauded," said Stern. "God knows who will come to this stage and what they do now," said co-host Robin Quivers.
"This is the same area, among other things, that wants to be forgiven Roman Polanski's rape of 13 years, it's time re-released in the United States. I hung up the balls," said Stern.
"There are many moral confusion here," said Stern. "I know that the industry wants to see themselves as virgins, but I think they gave Oscars for a woman who has the honor of the President of Chechnya ... that guy is despicable."Swank, as Stern alluded, won Oscars for Million Dollar Baby and Boys Do not Cry.
If Ratner had not resigned as a producer of the Oscars, Stern said he would be "responsible for a discount price for the insane. There are many crazy people in Hollywood making a lot of crazy stuff."
When one of Stern on the air acolytes mentioned that a journalist who lives in Los Angeles wrote that Ratner was a "knucklehead" to show that appear in Stern, Stern returned to the analogy of Polanski.
"What happens there? I told you, this is the same sector knucklehead who says that Polanski should be allowed to return to the United States and all should be forgiven."
Stern also predicted that Murphy would be out of work since Oscar hosting Ratner no longer produced, and five hours later, Murphy announced his decision.


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