Andy Rooney Dies

Andy Rooney Dies: End Of An Era :

VIENNA, Va., Nov. 5, 2011, the news this morning the death of Andy Rooney has hit hard hearts everywhere, even those of us who live in the era of civil war. His life was a very long life, a life that has crossed the generational cycle and life, listening to when men were men and women of age was still good.
Rooney was a grumpy man who probably curmudgeonly old raped so many people who will now take care of him. While most of us do not know him personally, at 92 he was the one we have all experienced at one time or another. Incarnations are everywhere. It was the hoarse voice of Grandpa has been once or twice a year, kind, affectionate pat on the back that sent him expand in the floor of our black Mary Janes. He was the man who is afraid to love, but love, you did. There was never any doubt that he could not answer, a voice that came with such authority that he never realized that there was no indication that it is talking about!
Andy Rooney Dies
Rooney had probably read more about the Civil War than ever, and can say chapter and verse, both General Lee and General Grant did wrong, and how it could have done better. It was as if they really knew General George Pickett and could have said: "George, a haircut that idiots and think more about your plan, it will not work!" And at the meeting General Sherman, as easily sing: "Bill, if you do not do something as hair, you will never be a darn thing. And it makes you look crazy." What is said by a man with the most severe cases of the bushy eyebrows on the planet, yet he would get away with it. Think about how the war would have changed history had been able to tell Rooney, General "Stonewall" Jackson, "Always look at the hips. There are no stray bullets."
Rooney never suffered fools gladly, if he has suffered at all. In 1970, he wrote a discourse of the Vietnam War, CBS refused to air. Rooney, the reaction was to get up and leave the network, the title was transferred to the more liberal (in the old original sense) of the PBS stations that can be heard. It was his first television appearance. And do not look back. Of course, three years later, CBS made the error (hard landing centers and assessments had nothing to do with it), and brought back to him. His "in a few minutes Andy Rooney," has become a staple weekly in homes around the country, which will rise as the baby boomers in the senior year. He was an equal opportunity antagonist, from time to time to the task for the Indians, blacks, homosexuals, the Vietnam War, and war in general. He was one of the first journalists to see the POW camps and crematoria of Germany after World War II. See the sights made him rethink his advantage pacifism, if a "just war".

Andy Rooney is also a form of paternal love in the mold, providing opinion and wisdom, and I'm betting it was a bag of candy in the left front pocket. He and his beloved Margie had four children, twins, a daughter and a son, all of which are involved in some area of ​​journalism or writing. He had just announced his retirement a month to go, when he was hospitalized for surgery and recovering from its complications confidential.
Somewhere in there, beaten old desk, which had made their love, full of documents and files, and what good writing was on the shelves of books at random from the row. And though in later years, he changed his religious beliefs of an atheist is an agnostic, I think it's a pretty good bet that it is now somewhere in the back of the court to keep Pearly Gates, still trying to convince Lee and Jackson and Sherman, they could have done better if they had just taken his advice.
Rest in peace, Andy, and how many of us have loved.


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