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'Family Circus "creator Car Keane Dies At 89 :

The popular cartoonist died in his Paradise Valley, Arizona, home of congestive heart failure, the Associated Press reported.Keane will always be identified for the family circus, a cartoon, which often reflected his own adventures at home. Children Cartoon Keane - Billy, Dolly, and PJ Jiffy - was far better known than their real counterparts, thanks to the popularity of comics, which relies more on the everyday occurrences of humor but laugh out loud jokes on ."I would rather have readers responded with a warm smile, a tug at the heart of a lump in my throat when they remember to do the same things in their own families," said Keane in his biography of King Features Syndicate site.Although his pun-filled humor leaned against the side of the supply of Family Circus, Keane has been a speaker on public-le-Haut was the result of encounters many artists, has told the Arizona Republic cartoonist Steve Benson, who came to know that their paths crossed Keane.
Benson said that a small, slender Keane people are often surprised by his quick wit and a tendency towards sarcasm and irony."It 'was fun," says Benson. "It was a great host, who had an amazing ability to play on words. People are surprised to hear of this volcanic flow out of the little guy."The only thing bigger than his voice was his heart, Benson said. A devoted family man who enjoyed wild with his beloved in the family circus, Benson said he would remember most of Keane for his kindness.
Family Circus
"Every once in a while I was sending a letter, always with some of his characters at the bottom of things," said Benson. "It was the best man I would like to know."Keane was born October 5, 1922 in Philadelphia, where he has taught to do while in high school.

With a penchant for humor, Keane worked with friends in the toast of the evening of Saturday, a satirical magazine produced in late 1930. It was when he dropped an "L" and signed his drawings that Bil Keane, just to be different.He served in the Army 1942-45, used his talent for Yank magazine. Its location in Australia proved to be fortuitous. He met thĂȘl meat, with whom he was so impressed that he returned after five years and the two were married in 1948 in Brisbane, then plant the seeds of the Family Circus.Thel Keane died in May 2008, complications from Alzheimer's disease.
The ten-seks few years of marriage would provide more than enough material for the panel Keane popular cartoon."In Roslyn, Pennsylvania, we started our real family circus," Keane wrote in his autobiography on "They provided the inspiration for my drawings. I gave sweat. "Shortly after marrying Thel Keane began working as a staff artist Philadelphia Bulletin, where for 15 years, said on its website, "said the staff".Keane first syndicated comic strip, Channel Chuckles, started in 1954. He also wrote idiot Philly, Sunday cartoon caricatures for the Bulletin and freelancer for various magazines.
In 1959, Keane launched a career change for decades ahead of its time - work at home. The artist has done all it needed was a pen, paper and a large table. He and his family moved to Paradise Valley, where they raised their family circus.With five children under the feet, there was never a shortage of material to Family Circus, which began in February 1960th The first panel shows a room full of toys. The mother is at the door with an interviewer who asks: "Every child?"
The tone was set and shot comic was born (although it was called Family Circle first six months before the magazine otherwise the same name).Keane based his characters on his wife, son, Neal, Glen, Chris and Jeff, and daughter Gayle.Seven days a week, Billy, PJ, Dolly and the rest of the band to entertain readers who quickly became accustomed to the relaxed style of cartoon humor harmless. Circus Family Keane eventually added commodities such as the dotted line, following the adventures of Billy the neighborhood, and Ida and I know children blamed goblins invisible when something was wrong.
Cartoon has become a work at home. Billy, Dolly and the gang have appeared in millions of calendars, mugs, posters and other items. Keane has written over 60 books, 14 million pocket and Family Circus at King Features press reports.In 1982, the National Cartoonists Society named Keane designer of the year, where he joined a prestigious list that included Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Hank Ketcham (Dennis the Menace) and Chester Gould (Dick Tracy). Later, the winners include Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Gary Larson (The Far Side) and Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury). Keane has also helped three Family Circus TV special, the first in 1978, which notes have been successful.Over the years, Keane has insisted on the tried and true comic formula to find the humor in everyday life. It was tease him gifts on Father's same old Billy encounters as an artist (which is a play on words, troubled sight gags), Keane and relaxed style made simple themes dear to the readers."I want to hear what I'm doing this picture: the family, where is the love between mother, father and children," Keane told the king of functions. "It 'a subject that's near and dear."
The ink that ran in the blood Keane still course through two of his son. Glen Keane, 57, has worked on several Disney animated features, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Tarzan. His last effort was seen in Tangled, Disney struck a computer animation based on Rapunzel.
Jeff Keane, 53, helped his father for years on "Family Circus", first as an inker and colorist. His duties have grown over time, and he resumed the duties of the comic.
Jeff style is like his father, so that readers never noticed the difference. "Family Circus" of a family that will never grow old, reflecting the values ​​that do not go out of style.
"It 'very important to me that the tapes of my father will continue to be wanted," said Jeff. "I remember when we were kids, and he told us to be fun. Now your children, I am always looking for gags, and notes. This is the legacy of our family."


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