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Pierre Johnson Dream Update: New Orleans Team RB Hardly A Factor
With Obtained Brees nearly going previous for 400 backyards, the New Orleans Group handling task hardly got off our planet. Pierre Jackson, the third again in the Saints' team came in last with seven provides for 11 backyards. He also discovered one comprehensive for five backyards, but he isn't much of a fantasy selection.

Fantasy business owners had to wait until Several weeks time 5 for Jackson to standing his first getting of the interval, a six-yard getting celebration against the Panthers. For the interval, Jackson is just about even in building up the lawn in the air and on our planet. He registered Sunday's activity with 154 streaming backyards and 133 getting backyards. However, bursting time with Darren Sproles and Stage Ingram has taken an impression price on each of them.

Fantasy business owners found Jackson as the No. 33 handling again in Yahoo!'s Several weeks time 6 NFL dream scores, the last among Group can handle. Darren Sproles was No. 16 and Stage Ingram was No. 25.


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