Bald Barbie Campaign

Promotion to create 'Beautiful and Balding Barbie' gets hotter on social media sites
Over the years, Mattel’s well-known Barbie items little girls has had every hair do possible, together with a percolate beehive, a ‘60s flip and even multi-colored plug-ins. But she is never been balding.That may change if the women behind the Myspace page, “Beautiful and Bald Barbie” effect professionals at the globe's most significant toy company.

“We would like to see a Amazing and Baldness Barbie items items made to help area who experience from locks getting thinner due to cancer malignancy metastasizing cancer malignancy treatments, locks getting thinner or trichotillomania,” streams Linda Bingham and Beckie Sypin’s Fb website, which has almost 40,000 “likes.” “Many children have some problems realizing their mom, sis, mom, grandparent or good friend going from a long haired to a balding.”

The Myspace web page was designed after the two associates observed about a four-year-girl from Mineola, Long Region, who had missing her locks after strategy to cancer malignancy.Little Genesis Reyes, who skipped having her “princess” locks, influenced parents or guardian of another individual in the medical to ask the CEO of Mattel, who occurred to be a personal buddy, to make a unique balding Barbie items little girls for Genesis.

“When I study the post about Mattel creating a one-of-a-kind balding Barbie items for Genesis, I though how amazing that would be, with so many other kids interacting with hair-loss,” Bingham informed The uk's Day-to-day Email magazine. “I imagined we could increase knowledge for these circumstances. Raise knowledge that kids get cancer malignancy too... It would be a win all around.”

Bingham, who missing her own locks after radiation treatment treatment options for an terminal way of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, was shifted by the response of her child to her recently balding go.“It takes an psychological cost on the child,” Bingham described. “I had very long red locks... She would simulate me and she would try and place jewelry on her go too.”So far, Mattel has not widely addressed the increasing reputation of Bingham and Sypin’s Myspace page, except to say in a type page that the company “doesn't take thoughts from outside resources.”


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