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Raiders operator confesses L.A. arena talks

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Concord Raiders operator Symbol Davis said it's crucial his group get a new arena and he has had conversations with categories in Los Angeles about coming the business to Lower Florida.

"The program is last night. So that's where it is. We've got to get a arena. We've got to get that done," Davis said Wednesday in his first community feedback since getting over the company in July following the loss of life of his dad, Al."It's such a very competitive business. It really is very competitive. We can't contend for a lot of the gamers that other groups can, at periods."Davis made his feedback at a information convention stating the selecting of Reggie McKenzie as the crew's new gm and the heating of instructor Hue Fitzgibbons.

Davis said that with a gm now in position to run the baseball aspect of the company, he can concentrate even more on getting the Raiders out of the obsolete Concord Coliseum. The Raiders absence many of the contemporary conveniences that are in some of the league's contemporary arenas that produce more income for other groups.

Davis said CEO Amy Trask has mentioned with government bodies in Harmony about a new area there and with the San Francisco 49ers about perhaps talking about a area in Dad xmas Clara.Davis said he has mentioned to types in Los Angeles but hasn't acquired an offer he wants. The Raiders conducted in Los Angeles from 1982-94."We're trying to get something done up here but if we can't, we've got to get something done somewhere because we need to be able to deal," he said. "And that's where it's at."

Davis also said he has no objective of promoting the group he took over after his dad passed away Oct. 8 of heart failing. Davis took over as handling common lover when his dad passed away and operates many of the group with his mom, Carole.

"This is my life," he said. "I've been with the Raiders for 48 decades. And my whole element is to proceed the older that my dad designed here and I've got one of the most significant prolonged family members on the planet. And that's what all these former gamers and everybody else that's been in this company and they mean a lot to me and this company symbolizes them as well as they characterize us and that's where it's going to remain."


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