Student's Photo Banned From Yearbook

Co College student Suspended from Yearbook Over Controversial Photo
A Co youngster whose yearbook image was denied for being too disclosing is vowing to deal with the ban with her higher school’s management, but the authors of the yearbook require it was their choice alone on the image.

The five student authors of the Durango High University yearbook in Durango, Col., informed the Durango Herald they were the ones who made the call not to post images of mature Quotes Agents showing all in a short yellow-colored dress stomach and shoulder-exposing dark-colored scarf as her mature symbol.“We are an award-winning yearbook. We do not want to reduce the excellent with something that can be seen as not professional,” student Mark Jaramillo informed the newspaper on Friday.

Agents was registered by her mother, Miki Agents, and a few other Durango High learners and graduates in a demonstrate outside the school Thursday after, she said, staff well informed her the picture would not be authorized because it disregarded dress value.

“I experience like they are not enabling me to have my independence of concept,” Agents informed the Herald.  ”I think the management is incorrect in this scenario, and I do not want this to occur to other individuals.”The five authors, who said their choice was single, said Spies’ responsibility was dropped, in both directed at the management, and knowing that it was a outfit value concern.

They also provided her an chance to involve the image in the yearbook, just not as her mature image.“If she (Spies) selects to, the image will run as her mature ad, not her mature symbol,” Trujillo said. Despite the explanation from her colleagues into how and why the choice was created, a getting together with Agents started between herself, her mom, and the school’s major, From Lashinsky, was presented these days as organized.

“The authors all transformed their supports on me and modified their brains,” she informed the Herald. “I really do experience like they were fearful by the major.” Neither Agents nor the university addressed‘s needs for feedback these days on the meeting’s result.

The Durango University Section, which manages the college, released the following report to

“The authors of Durango Higher School’s yearbook informed a mature student in November that her photo in question would not be included as a mature symbol in the yearbook and requested her to send a alternative.Durango University Section 9-R’s management can handle this decision.”

Prior to the present getting together with, the Agents family told local advertising they organized to meet with a city attorney in Colorado to review their little girl's case.


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