Jay Z Glory Lyrics

Jay-Z ft. Pink Ivy Jackson – Wonder Lyrics
“You’re the kid of my success, You are my kid with the kid from Destiny’s Child, That is a terrible of a recipe”

Jay-Z produces a honor tune to his new created child Pink Ivy Jackson. Features her weeping on the crucial. Jay is uncommonly genuine on this tune dealing with the having a baby. Produced by The Neptunes. Items Life + Times. Obtain from Mr X.

Jay-Z – Wonder Lyrics
The most awesome sensation I feel Words cannot explain the sensation for real Baby I colour the sky blue My biggest generation was you, you Glory .........Ooooh Glory.

[Jay-Z - Statement 1]
False notifies and wrong starts (ugh)
All designed better by the music of your middle (yeah)
All the irritation of the last time
I interceded so complicated it was the last time
Your mamma said that you danced for her
Did you move your hands and hands and fingers for her?
Glory, Wonder, Wonder, Sorry
Everything that I interceded for
God’s existing, I wish I would have interceded more
God makes no problems, I designed a few
Rough sledding here and there, but I designed it through
I damage the group, get ready for element 2
A younger, more brilliant, more easily me
So a nip of Hov, a whole cup of Béy

Glory, The most awesome sensation I feel Words cannot explain what I’m sensation for real Baby I colour the sky blue , My biggest generation was you .

[Jay-Z - Passage 2]
Your fantastic pop passed away, a nigga dropped yeh
Then he passed away of liver organ failure
Deep down he was a excellent man
God really, I cannot produce failure
Bad ass Lil Hov
2 decades of age, purchasing on Savile Row
Wicked ass lil B
Challenging not to indulge you spoiled looking like little me
The most beautifulest element in this world
Daddy’s little girl
You do not yet know what camping swag is
But you was created in Paris
And mother awoke the next day and taken her project package
Last time the losing the unborn infant was so tragic
We was frightened you disappeared
But nah, infant you miracle (voilà)
So there you have it, products happens
Make sure the aircraft you on is larger than your have on baggage
Everybody goes through stuff
Life is a present really like, start it up
You’re a kid of destiny
You’re the kid of my destiny
You’re my kid with the kid from Destiny’s Child
That’s a terrible of a recipe
Glory, Wonder, Wonder, Sorry


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