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Mark Crowder Group Trips with Sennheiser Tools, TRUE PT2-500s
VERBENA, AL - On what is perhaps its last vacation, the Mark Crowder Group has been using Sennheiser wifi items on the highway through its 2011 journey. The group is using Sennheiser 900 Sequence mics, both on equipment and words. This season the band has also been visiting with two TRUE Techniques PT2-500 preamplifiers, using them to take materials for two collections to be published in the returning several weeks, together with a Xmas project named Oh For Joy that's due out in October.

"Our stay bundle comprises generally of the Sennheiser e901, e902, e904, e905, e906, e914s, e935 and e965 sent mics, but we also use the MD 421 II and the MD 441," said Rob Edward, trip functions supervisor for the group. "The develop on everything is just excellent," he included, also crediting the tools for longevity.

"We've used other microphones on conquer percussion before the e902, and you'd never know if they were going to function or not," said Edward. "On the entice drum, we use an MD 441 on the top and either an e905 or e904 on the end, with e904s on the toms. These video right on the toms and you don't have to fear about - the develop that comes from them has no colour and is incredibly sharp and precise." A couple of cost e914s is used above the percussion.

"We function with experts who are very on top of their develop," mentioned Edward. "With all these microphones, we are getting exactly what the folks are placing out, and individuals observe." The group uses e906s on their instrument and instrument display cases. On words, the complete group is using e935s. "Each of the vocalists is relaxed with these, and they help produce overall reliability to the mix."

The group also number on Sennheiser for their wifi individual keep track of techniques. "A several decades ago, we tried the Sennheiser G2 Sequence, and there was just a enormous development in tonal excellent and party," Edward said. "Just in the last few several weeks, we shifted up to the G3 Sequence, and the folks have been really delighted - they get the obtain and the understanding they want each and every evening. We've never had a issue with RF and we've been able to discover wavelengths for everybody.

"Night after evening, when we take a mic or IEM bundle out, we know it's going to function and we know what it's going to audio like," Edward ongoing. "Night after evening the products operates and it appears to be exactly like it's expected to and we are delighted with it. Everything we are using - mic or RF or traditional hardwired - is all Sennheiser because we believe and believe in it."

The music quality isn't just a advantage to The Mark Crowder Group's live shows. Captured, the group major the nation with 10 other Religious designers as part of Winter weather Jam.  While on trip, they had two TRUE Systems PT2-500 preamplifiers on hand. They used them to take materials for two collections to be published in the coming months, together with a Xmas project named Oh For Joy to be published this October.

This year's Winter Jam started in Earnings and involved prevents at golf ball area type options and other conditions each day. In addition to their live sound visiting rig, Edward also specified a little distant documenting carrier for the group to take files while behind the scenes prior to the jobs. The carrier contains two TRUE Systems PT2-500s, a Lynx Aurora ripper resources, an API 500 sequence Lunchbox, a little Pro Tools rig and microphones such as Sennheiser e 935s, e 906s, MD 441s.

"We required to get began on a history, so we took a little journeying business rig with us and used it every day in the natural space," appreciated Mark Crowder Group percussionist B-wack. "We completed the volume of the Oh For Joy files during the trip and did a lot of documenting in exciting spots like locker areas and tub areas behind the scenes, where there was plenty of reverb -- it was a lot of fun and really created for a different looking history."

B-wack says TRUE preamplifiers was excellent and granted for mobility. "We had to be really transportable but uncompromising with the audio. The PT2-500s are each individual route and have two device ports on the top side and an XLR feedback on the again. It has an device "thru" port, which was useful especially when we desired to deliver the transmission out through a your pedal panel, like, say for a guitar, we'd have two channels: one would be the your pedal panel transmission and one would be the immediate. That eventually offered us a lot of sonic alternatives."

Even with a little and simple documenting cycle such as the one they used behind the scenes, reliability and perfection were key in the recording's overall achievements. Using the PT2-500, they were able to make sure typical documenting amounts among the two models using the walked potentiometer dial: "There are so many actions on the models that it creates it really readily available a area you want," B-wack says. "It was comforting understanding that we were able to get the identical obtain on both programs.

"The PT2 is a relatively smooth and translucent preamp, and it offered us more of the audio that was before side of us rather than shading it," B-wack included. "We were required to keep track of in exciting spots and on headsets, so we desired to invest shorter time making EQ or considering everything too much; we just want the apparatus to audio like the resource and let the popular music occur."

For the documenting, the group's strategy of Sennheiser microphones involved the e 906 for instrument microphones, "which you can decrease it over the aspect of an amp and it just appears to be excellent," B-wack mentioned. "For words, the e 935 has been David's stay oral mic of option for the last several decades so we used this as well. On the entice, I used a Sennheiser MD 441, which I really like and have been using for decades."

B-wack included that, when they weren't operating on "Oh For Joy," they were using their TRUE rig to history bluegrass audio for their future project, tentatively known as "Requiem." "One day, we determined to set up a number of microphones, get in a range and history about nine bluegrass audio. Some of these are going to end up on our new history that comes out in the may, and others are going to end up as reward materials."

All in all, the files are being well obtained by their fellow workers, "Everyone so far is happy with what we taken - the phrase is that Oh For Joy is among the better elements we've created."


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