Natalie Wood Death

Investigators on Natalie Wooden Case: "At This Factor, It Is an Random Death"
It would be very fulfilling to pin down an actual cause to Natalie Wood's loss of life (and perhaps who else was involved), but it doesn't seem like we'll be getting that extravagance.

Not yet, anyway.The Los Angeles Sheriff's Office verified to E! Information that there has not been any proof of nasty perform in the well-known Artist star's situation and it is still being decided as an random sinking. However, they also tension that the situation "is still being explored and is still effective."

After the Los Angeles Sheriff's Hard Institution determined to reassess the situation of Wood's loss of life 30 years later, Primary of Investigators Bill McSweeney informed the Los Angeles Periods, "At this factor, it is an random / accident loss of life. Nothing has been found to recommend modifying that at this time."

McSweeney also described that they are still trying to find certain factors that may reply the lesser concerns which were not formerly resolved in the unique research, saying that freezing situations like these never shut, but they will spend more options to them when new details is unveiled. With that said, he doesn't believe any further exams will brand Wood's loss of life as anything other than any sort of incident.

The three-time School Prize nominee was cruising off Catalina Region during Christmas few days almost 30 years ago on a boat she run with husband John Wagner when she surprisingly finished up dead in the water.Officials at first decided her loss of life as an accident, and 30 years later, no proof seems to confirm otherwise.


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