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Top Ten Detroit Elephants Testimonies of 2011: Ndamukong Suh stomps Natural Bay Natural bay packers gamer on Christmas Day
"Coming in at No. 4 in our collection of top 10 Elephants testimonies of 2011, Detroit Elephants preventive deal with Ndamukong Suh stomps a Natural Bay Natural bay packers gamer."

ALLEN PARK -- Detroit Monsters protective cope with Ndamukong Suh can decrease most distressing lineman, but had issues going off choice for his methods on Xmas Day.

Suh stomped Normal Bay distressing lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith and was colored as a bad guy by several marketing contacts and fans. He apologized after the practical knowledge, but was belittled for his information of what took place.

The later Elephants released a report condeming Suh's measures. Suh released another apology - now though his Facebook or myspace website - but the harm was done.

Suh was gradually hanging for two games by NFL. As aspect of the revocation, Suh had to surrender his pay for the two games, which came to $165,000. He was also stopped from doing with the group during the two-game ban.

After the revocation, Suh tried to switch previous the occurrence, but was requested about it again lately major up to Detroit's activity against Natural Bay this few days.

Surprisingly, Suh was lately known as the 6 most charitable trust star this season (number one athlete) by The Offering Again Money, a charitable trust organization that provides philanthropic administration and mentioning with to the athletics and entertainment companies, but that story was utilized under the rug.


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