Marine Corps Peeing On Taliban

Video of Marine corps peeing on Taliban corpses 'utterly deplorable': US
WASHINGTON: Protection assistant Leon Panetta on Friday clearly ruined a movie published online that supposedly reveals US Marine corps peeing on corpses of insurgents in Afghanistan, and guaranteed a probe into the mistreatment. 

"I have seen the movie, and I find the conduct represented in it absolutely deplorable," the Government primary said in a report, including that "those discovered to have interested in such perform will be attributed to the highest."The US army is analyzing the "disgusting" movie, according to a Government spokesperson. 

The movie reveals what seems to be four soldiers, wearing US army consistent, reducing themselves onto three bloodied systems on the earth, seemingly conscious that they are being shot."Have a great day, good friend," one of them says, giggling. 

It is not clear from the movie whether the deceased Afghans were Taliban insurgents or ordinary people.The Government has not yet confirmed the movie, but spokesperson Bob Kirby said: "Regardless of the conditions or who is in the movie, this is... egregious, revolting conduct, undesirable for anyone in consistent." "It transformed my abdomen," he included of the movie, which was published on the Stay Problem web page. 

If authenticated, the pictures -- which produce past violations dedicated by US soldiers during the decade-long war -- could of curiosity deeply frustration and frustration in Afghanistan and the broader Islamic community.A army formal who requested not to be known as said the headgear and system taken by one of the men seems to indicate the four could be associates of an top level sniper group. 

The official also said such execute would be punishable under the US value of military benefits.The Washington-based Authorities on American-Islamic Functions (CAIR), a well-known US Islamic town benefits and loyality organization, damaged the considered desecration of corpses. 

"If verified as legitimate, the movie shows execute that is completely unbecoming of Nationwide military workers and that could gradually endanger other soldiers and standard individuals," CAIR said in a review. 

"We confidence that this unsettling occurrence will be quickly examined in a translucent manner and that appropriate activities will be taken based on the results of that research," the report said."Any accountable events must be tried to the full level granted by the Consistent Value of Army Rights and by appropriate National regulations."A report from the Government said: "Headquarters Sea Corps has lately been made aware of a video that shows Sea corps peeing on what appear to be departed members of the Taliban. 

"While we have not yet confirmed the beginning or validity of this movie, the activities made are not constant with our primary principles and are not signs of the personality of the Marine corps in our Corps."This issue will be completely examined."Some 20,000 Marine corps are used in Afghanistan, mostly in Kandahar and Helmand areas in the southern of the war-ravaged nation, the heartland of the hardline Islamist Taliban activity ousted from energy in overdue 2001. 

The U. s. Declares and its NATO members have some 130,000 soldiers dealing with the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.US and coalition lovers plan to hand over security for the whole of the nation to Afghan makes by the end of 2014, enabling the drawback of battle makes.In Goal 2011 the US army apologized after images come about of US soldiers from a criminal Military device showing all with deceased Afghans. Five soldiers from it were energized with killing for purportedly firing ordinary people for game.

The In in german regular Der Spiegel, which first released the photographs, said the Government had tried to avoid their launch, worrying a well-known backlash against soldiers in Afghanistan.In Nov the ringleader of the "kill team" -- which was also energized with taking hands and fingers and the pearly whites as awards from ordinary people murdered for game -- was discovered accountable and sentenced to life in jail by a army section. 

That scandal was among the worst faced by the military since the April 2004 revelation of prisoner abuse at the US-run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, which became a potent negative symbol of the US occupation.Eventually,11 soldiers were convicted in connection to the abuse, and received punishments ranging from an army discharge to 10 years in prison.


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