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Harry Knitter Community Cup: Election For Neville Longbottom
The Harry Knitter Community Cup's second game has been packed with some seriously extreme match-ups so far, with one of the fiercest duels returning down between Minerva McGonagall and Neville Longbottom. The Hogwarts trainer and her Gryffindor student have fought again and forth between first and second position for the better aspect of per weeks time now, and there's still no clear success in look.

Well, perhaps some terms of support from acting professional Matthew Lewis, who's performed Neville throughout the complete big-screen "Harry Potter" experience, will tip the machines in his benefit. We talked with the 22-year-old acting professional previously these days about how his character's positioning up in the Community Cup thus far, and when he acquired about Neville's present battle, he was established to ask his situation to you folks, the voters.

So, why should you election for Neville? According to the man himself: "Well, quite clearly, he's the best personality, obviously!"

"He could have been the Selected One, but it didn't quite function out for him [that way]," he ongoing. "And yet he still controls to be a main character. He missing his mother and father when he was very youthful -- they were in a psychological medical, so he never had that adult assistance. And yet he still maintained to come through and be the excellent Gryffindor that he finished up being, which you'll see in 'Deathly Hallows Aspect 2.'

Neville definitely has his big main character instant in the second 50 % of the "Harry Potter" finish, but he's confirmed himself to be a devoted, reliable and more-than-capable expert throughout the complete sequence. Still, despite his amazing success, it all depends upon the truth that Neville is... well, just like us, really.

"He's just an every man," said Lewis. "He's a guy who went to university, wasn't particularly excellent at university. Was a bit shy, was prone, was bullied… but when the snacks were down, and he had to come ahead, he stored the day. That's why you should election for Neville: he's devoted, he's brave, and he just gets on with it."

What do you think, "Harry Potter" fans? Has Lewis assured you on Neville's behalf? Position your ballots for Neville compared to McGonagall, and let us know what you think in content area and on Twitter!


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