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Competition Wood enthusiastic about ex-wife Elin Nordegren, report says
Golf great Competition Wood evidently is still enthusiastic about his stunning ex-wife, Remedial beauty Elin Nordegren—allegedly relying on ransacking her home to read her record.

The Across the nation Enquirer views that Nordegren experienced connections that Wood snuck into her California house over Christmas last interval, with the person purpose of discovering her magazines to discover out information about her network.

“I realistic understanding violated!” the Enquirer views Nordegren as saying. “I’m definitely creeped out by it. He has definitely no right to be in my home! I do not want him coming around, looking through my reduce and designs and trying to discover my magazine.”

Timber was able to put into his ex’s home by doing some fast-talking with the household employees, according to the publication. Nordegren supposedly knowledgeable her companion, “He used the reason that their kids had gradually eventually left some components that he had to choose up.”

Nordegren has kept the newspapers since at least 2001, details every individual quick of her everyday life, the Enquirer unveiled. Timber supposedly was inflammed over the ability that Nordegren has moved on with her life—and was perhaps even seeing a new man.

“Tiger never recommended the removing and separating and separation and divorce, and since they divided up, he has been very envious and handling about Elin,” a resource experienced the Enquirer. 

“She experienced a associate, ‘I realistic understanding like he’s following me! Our wedding is over—can’t he take that?’ I just want to substitute on with my everyday life and he will not get away from me alone!’”

The Across the nation Enquirer designed the tale of Competition Woods’ regarded environment with Rachel Uchitel in the a few a few several weeks preceeding his Christmas 2009 car incident, after which opinions of several connections occurred.


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