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In the incident of a DELAYED OPENING and/or a SCHOOL CLOSING:
In the incident of tough environment or other causes (power problems, etc.) for the delayed opening or conclusion of higher education, the Superintendent or his/her designee will decide an appropriate and protected strategy of methods. Usually, the decision is designed and announced* between 5:00AM and 6:00AM. Please please take know that although every attempt is designed to decide the store location of the colleges as starting as possible, the Superintendent shares the right to create that decision at any moment using the conditions of when. In the scenario of a delayed opening, please always have a look at the location of the colleges, as the location could change to a conclusion if the components or an turmoil scenario continues/becomes more extreme.

The following methods of conversation will be used for observe of higher education closures and past due openings:
GPS Web Site:
CT Environment Web Site:, click on IAN Cancellations or stick to web page link on GPS web page 
District ParentLink: The Location will use the ParentLink computerized cellphone conversation plan to get in touch with the major wide range for each family at somewhere around 6:00 AM. 
Radio: local and local stations
Television: Cablevision Path Details 12 and other local and local stations
In the incident of an EARLY RELEASE:
In the scenario of a first launch, every effort will be designed to figure out before 10:00 a.m. to be able to go by the typical early launch plan. However, a decision could be designed at any moment to lower price formerly or later than the ‘standard’ plan. In either scenario, the first launch canceling periods are defined on the GPS Web Website. It is suggested that if there is a prospective for tough environment, and parents/guardians will not be available that day due to function or other charges, that parents/guardians have a look at in with turmoil associations and organize in scenario a first launch is known as. 

The following methods of conversation will be used for observe of an unscheduled Starting Release:

  • GPS Web Site:
  • Local R / c Station: WGCH
  • Gmail for GPS staff

The following methods of conversation MAY be used for observe of an unscheduled Starting Release:

  • Other regional and/or regional r / c and tv stations
  • School ParentLink: Colleges will use their ParentLink computerized cellphone and/or e-mail plan at the interest of each school’s producing boss and using the school’s Starting Release observe strategy. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the occurrence of an EARLY RELEASE or SCHOOL CLOSING, all Greenwich Community Universities provided after-school actions, activities, etc. are ended.
Action and occurrence organizers are motivated to offer progress details to participants/attendees as to their techniques for cancellations due to university closings ......


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