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A pellet gun wrongly diagnosed by law enforcement for a actual gun led to loss of life of 15-year-old
“Saddened to see Brownsville in the news today: 15-year-old taken deceased after brandishing a system in junior high university,” a Publish co-worker, Kevin Sieff, tweeted Thursday mid-day.

Known as by government bodies at Cummings Center University in Brownsville, Tex., law enforcement faced 9th grader Jaime Gonzalez in an excellent area and taken him after he rejected to decrease what showed up to be a gun. He later passed away from his injuries. In a terrible perspective, the gun was later unveiled to be a pellet gun, the Associated Click reviews.

Local information place KGBT broadcasted law enforcement r / c traffic. The men observed on the record appear to believe Gonzalez was holding a actual gun and there was actual threat. Learners and instructors in the university were also camouflaging in the university frightened of Gonzalez’s measures.

However, his mother and dad inquired the need for three injections. “Why was so much unwanted power used on a minor?” the girl's dad, Jaime Gonzalez Sr., requested the AP outside the household's house Thursday evening.

According to a information on WalMart, the semi-automatic CO2 .177-caliber pellet weapons are created to look like actual weapons. A writer creates, “Got my Colt Opponent and was so satisfied on how well it was created. It looks and seems like my actual 45acp 1911.”


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