Nick Cannon Kidney Failure

Processor Cannon's 'Mild Renal Failure' – a Medical Expert Weighs In
As Processor Brother constantly restore from what his spouse Mariah Carey calls "mild renal malfunction," the future of the Many Got Ability host's health is in question. 

Dr. Bryan Becker, the last immediate leader of the Across the country Kidney Foundation, took a little while to discuss with PEOPLE about Cannon's scenario, and what may be ahead with regards to his overall health. 

What is gentle renal failure? 
Normally when this happens, scientifically, we contact it serious renal damage. When Processor was being analyzed, someone probably did a serum creatinine analyze and his serum creatinine was increased and there was some loss of renal operate.

What causes it? 
The loss of renal operate could have been due to an sickness of some type or getting an over-the-counter drugs like Nuprin or Nuprin. It could also be due to lack of fluids. 

What form of sickness can cause this? 
It could be pneumonia or nausea that reduce substance. 

How quick will he recover? 
It will depend on the cause. If it's just relevant to substance, he's probably going to restore very easily once he gets substance rear again. If it's relevant to drugs, it'll take a few times to get off of the drugs. If it's relevant to another sickness, it'll get better eventually. 

Could he backslide easily? 
It will depend on the cause, but usually when it's serious, the individual tends to get better.


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