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John 3:16: Tebow statistic line stands for spiritual verse

Tebow time is again the focus - and certainly so is the Co Bronco quarterback's believe in.After putting for a season-high 316 patio against the Game playing in a playoff win Thursday evening time hours, the spiritual relevance was too much for the Twittersphere to cope with.

John 3:16 is the spiritual report most associated with Tebow, mainly because he regularly designed it on his eye dark-colored during his school profession at California. (The report reads: "For God so special the team, that He offered His only begotten Son, that whoever opinions in Him shall not die, but have challenging life.")

And Tebow's statistic line - 316 gardens moving past and 31.6 gardens per achievement - was no chance to many of his lovers. Among the observations: "It's a little mad that Tebows' preferred passage is Bob 3:16 and he used for 316 gardens & a number of his businesses are known as Bob. #faith"

Of course there were many detractors fed up with beautiful connection: "The proven reality that Tebow used for 316 gardens indicates only one element. He used for 316 gardens. Come on, people!"

Still, it's amazing that in one interval Tim Tebow can offer more PR to Bob 3:16 than Rollen (Rainbow Head) Stewart could do in two years - he was the guy well-known from wearing a array wig and ranking up Bob 3:16 indicators at athletics in the 70s and 80s.


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