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‘Human Barbie’ Mom Gives 7-Year-Old Child $11K Lipo procedures Coupon For Christmas
Darlene Burge, a 51-year-old accurate methods fanatic known in England as “The Individual Barbie items products things,” offered her 7-year-old kid Poppy, a existing documents value more than $10,900 as a Xmas existing.

"I put the campaign in her advertising -- there's nothing incorrect with that," the revealed mom Darlene saying, determining that Poppy "asks for accurate methods all the time.”

"She wants to look amazing and lipo procedures methods is one of those methods that will always come in useful," Darlene described, assessing it collection to "like maintaining money for her exercising."

The St. Neots, Cambridgeshire historic -- a adequate web who claims to have used more than $1,000,000 on her own upsetting treatment options -- came into factor last time period when she said supporting Poppy how to activity on a publish.

The mom confesses to also having given collection school age Poppy a campaign for body development for when she changes 16.

"Poppy requested for forgiveness me for a body job," Darlene experienced More particular magazine truly. "If she produces normally big boxes, she can have something else done with it."

Poppy said that when she got the campaign, “It was a fantasy come real -- all my connections were envious. I can't delay to be like Mummy with big boxes ... they're very."

At time, Darlene recognized that "some individuals think it's doubtful, and I get livid when readers say I'm a bad mom, because I don't think there's any damage in providing her this present.”

She verified her methods, saying, “Looks are a big element of how our investment pan out -- there shouldn't be a judgment around searching for to look fantastic."


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