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Dog the Resources Seeker is a reality tv present on A&E which stories Duane "Dog" Chapman's activities as a fugitive restoration broker, or bounty hunter. With a few exclusions, the present arises in Beautiful lovely hawaii or Pet's home state of Co.

Dog is registered by his enterprise lover and spouse, Alice Michelle Jackson Chapman; his produced kids Duane Lee Chapman, II and Leland Chapman, and his "brother," Tim "Youngblood" Chapman (despite having the same last name, Dog and Tim are not naturally related). In Period 2, Pet's young child, "Baby" Lyssa Chapman dividends house and becomes a associate of the bounty-hunting group. Justin Bihag (son of long time loved ones buddy Celestial satellite Bihag) also allows out during Period 1 and temporary later periods.

The plan unique off from Chapman's appearance on the show Take This Job, a plan about people with uncommon work. Both reveals are created for A&E by Multiple Videos, a New York-based generation company. Dog the Resources Seeker taken an visitors instantly by sketching visitors into the conversation of Dog and his family/team, preparing road intelligence, ambiance, justifications, working together, adrenaline-laced busts, and a viewpoint of trust and second chances. Viewers addressed the family ability to get over their own criminal backgrounds to live law-abiding and Religious faith-based life.

Readers are taken along as Chapman and his family/team recognize and detain clients who have become fugitives by unfolding the conditions of their help agreements. Options monitors and chest segue into the visits to detain, during which Dog and his group present concern and clearly suggest the fugitives to begin over, making behind medication and/or legal action to become respected associates of themselves and community. Rounding out most times are times introducing Dog, Mrs., and their huge type of kids, grandchildren and associates.

As the present innovative, readers were taken further behind the layer during Baby Lyssa's exercising as a accredited help bondsman and fugitive finder, Dog's take of Tim Shine and the generating chest of Dog, Tim and Leland in Southern usa, the massive of Beth's dad (Garry Smith) and Dog's most historic kid (Barbara Anne Chapman), Dog and Beth's 2006 wedding, Baby Lyssa's wedding and the starting of her second kid, and the effect and fear of the loved ones after Dog, Tim and Leland were found by authorities marshalls in Wonderful attractive beautiful lovely hawaii to delay for possible extradition to Southern usa.

Dog and Mrs. quickly accepted readers into their life, talking about individual customer feedback about Dog's 1976 imprisonment, his ex-wives and kid appropriate care difficulties, his infant son who handed down away at one 30 days old, Beth's son whom she had given up for using, Dog's son Tucker's imprisonment for severe accidents, Beth's detain as a kid, Dog's complicated network with his own dad, and the fight for the team to be acknowledged as expert options finder. However, some family conditions have been neglected from the plan, such as several family separation and divorce, Tim's detain (and acquittal), and details about some of Dog's children.

Da kine Help Bonds' significant location, run by Dog and Mrs., is in Honolulu, Discover. Leland Chapman has established his own Da kine Help Jewelry work environment in Kona on the Big Location, where he life. Times are also photo in Co Goes up, Co and in the house of Co, Co, where they make lengthy goes to to options look for for their own company there as well as several other businesses run by long-time contacts (and sometimes former rivals).

Worldwide syndication
In Modern australia, visitors can check out the present on FOX8 or Go!. In Malaysia, it is send out on RTL II. In New Zealand, the present is send out on Excellent TV. Lovers in Norwegian can see it on MAX, and in Sweden, it is available on Kanal 5. In North america, the present is available via the U. s. States-based A&E. Beginning in September 2011, A&E is managing four recurring periods per day during the weeks time (7:00-9:00am, with the last time saying from 2:00-3:00pm).

In Italia, starting in 2007, a unique version of Dog the Resources Seeker was broadcasted on the GXT satellite tv route.

Family appearances

  • Tucker Chapman (Duane's son)
  • Wesley Chapman (Duane's son)
  • Dominic Davis (Beth's son)
  • Cecily Barmore-Chapman (Beth's daughter)
  • Bonnie Joanne Chapman (Duane & Beth's daughter)
  • Garry Chapman (Duane & Beth's son)
  • Dylan Chapman (Duane's son, Duane Lee's son)
  • Travis Chapman-Mimms (Duane's grandson/ Barbara Anne & Travis Mimms' son)
  • Abbie Mae Chapman (Duane's granddaughter/ Lyssa's daughter)
  • Madalynn Elegance Galanti (Lyssa and Bo's daughter) (birth presented in the show Resources Baby).
  • Cobie Chapman (Duane's son, Leland's son)
  • Dakota Chapman (Duane's son, Leland's son)
  • Leiah Brianna Chapman (Duane's daughter, Leland & Lynette's daughter)
  • Harrison Chapman (Duane`s grandson)
  • Garry Jackson (Beth's overdue father)
  • Travis Mimms (Duane & Beth's son-in-law/ Travis Chapman-Mimms' father)
  • Tim Chapman (Tim's son)
  • Summer Water Chapman (Tim's daughter)
  • Autumn Sky Chapman (Tim's daughter)
  • Storm Chapman (Tim's son)
  • Teresa Chapman (Duane Lee's ex-wife)
  • Jodi Chapman (Duane Lee's ex-stepdaughter)
  • Maui Chapman (Leland's ex-wife)
  • Brahman "Bo" Galanti (Lyssa's ex-husband)
  • Serena Galanti (Bo's daughter)
  • Davina Chapman (Tim's ex-wife)
  • Moon Bihag (Justin's mother/family friend)
  • Bobby Darkish (Bondsman)
  • Jamie Hackett (Bondsmen)
  • Chris Pollack (Bondsmen)
  • Fred Pollack (Bondsmen)
  • Mary Ellen Pollack (Bondswoman)
  • Sherrie Pollack (Bondswoman)
  • Erik Schneider (Bounty Seeker for Betty Ellen Pollack)



WOW! Big Family and I'm a little confused about some of the kids listed as Leland and Duane Lee kids but also Duane 'Dog' Chapman's kids. Did Dog adopt his grandkids and if so why? I love the show and I'm so proud of Baby Lyssa.They are such a beautiful family,, I hate that they have so many issues but they are human after all and we all have family issues. Love and Blessings to the Chapman Family♥

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