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Clemson School Account - SAT Lots, Expenditures and Acceptance Data
Clemson School is a public higher education located in Clemson, Southern Carolina. The higher education is in the foothills of the Pink Form Mountain ranges along Pond Hartwell. The university's instructional models are separated into five individual universities.

The Higher education of Business and Behavior Scientific disciplines and the Higher education of Technological innovation and Scientific disciplines have the highest enrollments. These days, the school has been producing doctorate programs and forcing to break into the rates of the top 20 public colleges. On the running front, the Clemson Lions contend in the NCAA Split I Ocean Coast Convention.

Acceptance Information (2010):
  1. Percent of People Admitted: 63%
  2. GPA, SAT and ACT ranking information for Clemson
  3. What Are Your Chances? (from
  4. Test Lots -- Twenty fifth / 75th Percentile
  5. SAT Significant Reading: 550 / 640
  6. SAT Math: 580 / 670
  7. SAT Writing: 490 / 590
  8. What these SAT statistics mean
  9. SAT assessment for Southern Carolina colleges
  10. SAT assessment data for the ACC
  11. Public school SAT chart
  12. ACT Composite: 25 / 30
  13. ACT English: - / -
  14. ACT Math: - / -
  15. What these ACT statistics mean
  16. ACT assessment for Southern Carolina colleges
  17. ACT assessment data for the ACC
Registration (2009):
  • Total Enrollment: 19,111 (15,346 undergraduates)
  • Gender Breakdown: 54% Men / 46% Female
  • 94% Full-time
Expenditures (2010 - 11):
  • Tuition and Fees: $11,908 (in-state); $27,376 (out-of-state)
  • Books: $940 (why so much?)
  • Room and Board: $7,034
  • Other Expenses: $5,178
  • Total Cost: $25,060 (in-state); $40,528 (out-of-state)
Clemson School Economical Aid (2008 - 09):
  • Percentage of New Learners Getting Aid: 90%
  • Clemson Grants (
  • Percentage of New Learners Getting Kinds of Aid
  • Grants: 90%
  • Loans: 42%
  • Average Quantity of Aid
  • Grants: $8,867
  • Loans: $6,162
Most Popular Majors:
Biology, Business Administration, City Technological innovation, Finance, Health Scientific disciplines, Marketing, Technical Technological innovation, Nursing, Parks & Excitement Management, Political Scientific disciplines, Psychology.

Storage and Move Rates:
First Season Student Storage (full-time students): 90%
4-Year School Rate: 50%
6-Year School Rate: 77%
Data Source:
National Center for Instructional Statistics

Clemson School Objective Statement:
"The objective of Clemson School is to satisfy the agreement between its creator and the people of Southern Carolina to set up a "high seminary of learning" through its traditional land-grant required helping, analysis and prolonged community assistance.

Clemson School is a frugal, community, land-grant higher training in a college-town setting along a energetic Southeastern area. The School is dedicated to world-class helping, research and community service in the perspective of general training, college student development and training. 

Clemson's desire is to appeal to a capable, devoted and different college student body of somewhere around 12,000 to 14,000 basic and 4,000 to 5,000 learners, with goal to learners from South Carolina.

Clemson offers a range of high-quality baccalaureate programs designed around a unique primary program. Scholar and exercising deals answer the professions, while doctoral and research programs enhance the economic future of the state, state and world. The School specializes in gardening, design, business, exercising, technology, natural options, technology.

The University also motivates quality in training and offer in selected locations of the revolutionary professions, health, human progression, the humanities and social sciences. In all locations, the objective is to create kids' conversation and critical-thinking expertise, ethical judgment, worldwide understanding, and complex and complex understanding. College students continue to be the primary concentrate of the University.

Just as Clemson principles its learners, the School also principles its staff and staff who have dedicated their abilities and opportunities to advance its objective. Clemson promises to support their work, to motivate their expert development, to assess their expert overall performance and to cover them at country wide very competitive levels."


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