Casey Anthony Movie Diary

Casey Anthony's 'video diary' surfaces
Casey Anthony's "first video history," apparently mentioned last September, come about on YouTube this week, but her lawyer says she did not put it there. Anthony, discovered not accountable last summer months time season time of eliminating costs in the dying of her 2-year-old child, Caylee, but in prison for four number of comforting to experts assessing the child's disappearance, revealed up optimistic about her future as she mentioned to a computer.

"Just a little unique how much elements have changed since July and how many elements haven't changed," she said. "But fortunately that elements are beginning to look up and elements are beginning to modify in a amazing way. I just believe in they always be, that elements always be amazing and that they only get better." She's existing at an undisclosed location in California while she allows a one-year probation concept for her 2010 concept on have a look at scams expenditures.

"Casey has maintained documents and memoirs for her personal treatments," Anthony attorney Cheney Designer knowledgeable CNN on Exclusive. "She did not post or release this to YouTube. She doesn't know how the film got on YouTube. 

She did not accept it, and therefore it had to be obtained against the law."Anthony never says Caylee in the four-minute black-and-white movie, but she does discuss a dog "I've implemented and I really like."

She sat alone, verifying pc, which she said she is "just starting to choose," as she mentioned what she known as "my first film history." She confirmed it would be "the first of many." She used dark-rimmed glasses, and her normally golden-haired locks was tinted red.

"I don't like being on digital camera, but I don't know, I need to get over that fear at some element, and this is a awesome beginning," she said. "So, here's something. It's the end of the first but just the beginning."

She ordered for your pc, but the digital camera was a existing, she said. "I'm amazingly vitalized, amazingly vitalized that I'll be able to Skype and obviously keep a film log, take some pictures," Anthony said. Anthony, 25, used nearly three decades in jail looking forward to her eliminating analyze. She was divided on October 17, 2011.

"It's been a while since I've been able to get in touch with something my own," she said. "And now that I have something even, you know, it's outrageous saying that I have a pc and a digital camera and a cellular." She revealed up to say the name of the person who provided her a cellular, although the popular music was altered from the version of the film released online.

"These are elements that are my own that I don't have to, I don't know, that I don't have to produce," she said. "It's way of amazing, lastly, being able to say that I have some items that are my own, that I'll be able to take with me after I get away from here next interval. It's way of mad to think about."

She considered that she could be totally without any her probation conditions, which need her to evaluation frequent and sustain an undisclosed position, as starting as Goal or as late as May. Anthony said your pc and digital camera have "been such a benefits in so many methods. Now I always have someone to talk about to when I'm by myself, so I'm not frustrating the substandard dog that I've integrated and I really like, and he's as much my dog as any of the other family household pets I've ever had," she said.


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