Beyonce Gives Birth To Twins

She is not due until March, but Beyonce is demonstrating that the early chicken gets the earthworms after pleasant two wonderful infants into the world today.

In a community unique, The Prophet Site has the first photographs of Jay & Beyonce’s stunning kids, infant boy Bananas Julez Jackson and little young lady LaQuinda Government Dereon-Knowles, who were provided previously these days in a personal beginning at Tina Knowles’ house in Arizona.

“Bey was at first only getting ready to have one kid, just so she would having something to help out her venture on the charts” a key source going by the key manage of ‘M. Williams’ only revealed to The Prophet Website. “But when she saw all the knowledge that Mariah Carey was getting for having dual infants, she established to put another baby into the mix at the last little.”

“She’s never been more details, and she knows that this will do like a attraction for her profession,” steady the resource. “Bey recommended to create sure that one kid was fair-skinned to attract her lumination lovers, and the other dark-skinned for the African-American group. She is a qualified businesswoman and she knows additionally best for her kids and her profession, just like how Mathew discovered what was best for her at an starting age.“

And according to the resource, Bey’s infants will definitely be getting after their multi-talented mom in the popular music office.

“The combined babies are very musical technology technical advancement technology and Bey is certain that they will follow in her methods. Celery is set aside to hit the keeping business with Max Martin next a few several weeks time, while LaQuinda already cut a see with Lil’ Bob a few mins after the beginning. They really really like carrying out, and Bey has even purchased them a few Grammy Prizes to take pleasure from.”

Despite only function nowadays, superwoman Beyonce has already gone right again to function. She is currently planning the discharge of the unique having a baby version of her newest project, 4, and heating the dark-colored & lumination movie for the album’s go individual, “One Day (Now I Understand)”. The individual was ready and developed by Bey, and co-written by Celery and LaQuinda, who are said to be getting after their mom in the songwriting function environment.

On top of well-known popular music, Bey’s working on a tell-all assessment with Barbara Walters, a big screen biopic about her having a baby, a can experience TV screen looking the combined babies, a children outfits wide range, a makeup wide range for children, a baby perfume, a stay screen unique, and a reality screen known as Keeping up with the Knowles-Carters.

By the looks of elements, we’ll be seeing a lot more of little Bananas and LaQuinda over the returning months!


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