Anderson Cooper Gay

Anderson Cooper Set to Suggest to Kathy Griffin at Midnight
  • Well, individuals, you can quit questioning whether;
  • Anderson Cooper is gay;
  • Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are dating;
  • Kathy Griffin is really a guy;
  • Kathy Griffin is really a guy,
gay and relationship Anderson Cooper who is also gay, because, obviously, after the soccer tennis ball comes in Periods Block today, Cooper just may be establishing himself up for an even larger soccer tennis ball decrease by suggesting to Griffin.

Yep, you observed that right. Resources very near to Anderson Cooper maintain that the awesome guy of general audience advertising reputation is prepared to suggest to the most rough lady in present enterprise (in his age team at least). Now all that is eventually left is the reply.

Oddsmakers in Nevada say the sure cash is on Kathy shouting ‘yes’ so noisy, it will be observed over the noisemakers in Periods Block where the two will be web host “New Decades Eve Stay with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.” And they are fairly sure she will get something in there about being so energized she just peed her jeans before getting all over Cooper like a red-tufted lemur. There may also be bare skin so it is recommended that you might want to deliver the kids into the next space to enjoy “Night of the Jogging Deceased with Penis Clark and He Seacrest” instead.

Most of us cannot think about what would have mild-mannered newsman Cooper to go for the self-proclaimed queen that are of stand-up humor who has freely said more than once that Cooper cannot help it if he was created gay.

“The only way we can perhaps describe it,” says Cooper’s best buddy Sanjay Gupta, “is that the speculation that the posts are moving, producing a magnet disruption at the equator has somehow influenced our Cooper’s considering and he is just not himself.”

Meanwhile, Cooper is still mum on tonight’s offer. “If you are asking me immediately up if I am going to suggest to that madwoman, the reply is a certain no. But, if you are asking me if I could be ridiculous enough to wed someone like Kathy Griffin, the reply is, ‘hell, man, I’ve was in Asia in the center of a fischer predicament and took light amounts on myself for a 24-hour interval.’ I think I can manage a firecracker like Griffin.


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