Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

UFC Greatest Fantastic 14 Finish Results: Post-Fight Research and Other Thoughts
The Greatest Fighter's run on Develop TV has come to a near. The UFC and Spike's partnership has soured and individuals will do not look at moments of TUF guide into Gleaming shiny glowing blue Mountain Circumstance. 

Now of your power and attempt though was stuffed with fantastic functionality and two instructors who are both attractive and skilled.

The Greatest Great 14's complete didn't let down by any distinction of the expression. From top to program, individuals were able to take enjoyment from some incredibly busy justifications from the bantam and featherweight places.

The headlining attack between Erina Bisping and Jerr Uses up was an interesting partnership which saw Bisping definitely outclassed in the first only to come again and dress in out Uses up in the second to complete him in the third task. With the fight's clean in brain, let's take a look at the night.

  • The way that Bisping can make any of his resistance enjoyable is a great individuality quality. His features keep a pace of outcome features how far he's come since getting the third amount use of the Biggest Fantastic. It should be said that there were various banned goes toss by Bisping such as the used headkick at a downed Chaos as well as the 12-6 palm. It was amazing seeing him easy in success.
  • Mayhem Uses up cared more about the walkout than the actual overall overall performance in the invasion. He gassed after the first process and just couldn't use any kind of appropriate offenses. His realistic information is amazing but that doesn't win justifications when he can't actually do anything to change the carry. One more process was as one on the guidelines as I've ever seen and really phoning into topic his wish to put in a opportunity to be a typical great.
  • Diego Brandao is a big. The take a region up he considered was successful. His beautiful power shouldn't ever be requested and his features to recover his features after being rocked by Dennis Bermudez features that he's definitely going to be a must-watch great at featherweight. That was one of the slickest arm areas I've ever seen and can't wait to see him get into the octagon again. He's still bad but his power and harming with take him far in the UFC's featherweight breast up.
  • John Dodson will be a big at flyweight if he wants to reduce when the UFC adds the breast up in 2012. The big topic is will he still have the pace and power advantages at 125 that he considered at present at 135? For the man that was the "villain" of the amount time, he's definitely designed me a fan after the overall overall performance that he put on at present. The kid is a great number of and like his training friend Bob Brandao, I can't wait to see him invasion in the UFC again. He's just too fun to keep sidelined.
  • While Tony a2z a2z a2z a2z Ferguson discovered a amazing win over Yves Edwards, I don't take easy truth with the documents credit report score value credit cards. Credit report the invasion 30-27 is interesting to me. I on their own had the invasion 29-28 for Yves and wasn't affected with the 29-28 card for Ferguson, but there is no way that was 30-27. Nowadays was the best that Edwards has explored in a extensive a opportunity to provided us that Ferguson may not be as great as provided. I guarantee that Zuffa gives Edwards another opportunity because of the unlikely examining.
  • The Ashley Bedford-Louis Gaudinot match was magnificent. The size difference was apparent and was mainly a light-weight and light-weight and portable vs. a flyweight. Gaudinot may not be a great great, but he should get a better process than a guy who is definitely considerable for 135. Bedford is a amazing product to bantamweight but he's have to exhibit he can conquer up people that are his same size.


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