Survivor Series 2011

Heir Sequence is yearly pro struggling pay per perspective top level of World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE presents its 25th yearly Heir Sequence pay per perspective top level at new Madison Square Garden, New You are able to City, New You are able to on November 20, 2011 to entertain WWE struggling followers.

Tale of this struggling top level is built as per past expert pay per perspective top level Vengeance 2011. Similarly, story of this pro struggling top level develops story for next pro struggling top level Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2011. 16749 struggling followers attended to Heir Sequence silver anniversary. Jerry The King Lawler, Booker T and Michael Cole were recognized English experts. Marcelo Rodriguez and Carlos Cabrera were recognized Spanish experts.
  1. Dolph Ziggler retained his U.S Championship by defeating John Morrison
  2. Beth Phoenix retained her Divas title in lumberjills match by defeating Eve
  3. Team Barrett defeated Team Randy Orton in Survivor Series elimination match
  4. Big Show defeated Mark Henry by disqualification but Henry retained his World Title
  5. CM Punk become new WWE Champion by defeating Alberto Del Rio
  6. Rock & John Cena defeated Awesome Truth in tag team match
Bob Laurinaitis begins Heir Sequence event
The meantime Common Supervisor and Management v. p. of ability operations Bob Laurinaitis came to start this gold yearly struggling pay per perspective but people booed for his existence. He presented his name and roles. As per Laurinaitis, it is not only Twenty fifth yearly survivor series but he accomplished 10 years in WWE. He motivated WWE struggling followers to savor this show.

Justin Roberts declared first struggling go with which is WWE United Declares Title go with, presented competition Bob Morrison and he gotten excellent support and interacted with struggling followers before going to start band. In few times, WWE US Champ Dolph Ziggler along with Vickie Guerrero came to protect his U.S headline. He offered up his headline to WWE’s recognized and recognized revealed headline gear to struggling followers and offered it to time owner and then started this go with legally.

Match: 1
John Morrison Vs Dolph Ziggler for WWE U. s. Declares Championship
Match: 2
Beth Arizona Vs Eve Torres for WWE Divas Championship

Justin Roberts declared five on five conventional heir sequence treatment style go with and revealed the regulations of this go with. He presented Group Barrett associates Go Barrett, the all National American Port Sway, WWE U. s. Declares Champ Dolph Ziggler, Hunico and WWE Overseas Champ Cody Rhodes. In few times, Group Orton associates the Great White-colored Sheamus, Sin Cara™, WWE tag team champion Kofi Kingston, Builder He and Randy Orton joined to this special struggling pay per perspective to amuse struggling followers.

Match: 3
Team Orton Vs Group Barrett in 5 on 5 Heir Sequence treatment match
Match: 4
The Big Display Vs Level Mom for WWE Community High quality Championship
Match: 5
CM Punk rock Vs Alberto Del Rio for WWE Championship

The Wonderful truth of the matter joined to this struggling top level, performed a music which removed that they dislike people as their tag group challenger Mountain and Bob Cena. In few times, Bob Cena came but gotten some good and bad reply from WWE Galaxy. Lastly, The Mountain come back to new Madison Block Garden with struggling followers awesome support and he smelled it. In few times, Bob Cena left the band, offered his brand new t clothing to one old girl in group. World Wrestling Amusement also revealed Rock’s mom Ata Jackson in group.
Match: 6
The Mountain & Bob Cena Vs Miz & R Reality in tag group match

Ata Jackson clapped for her son’s success. The Mountain gotten amazing ovation from followers such as his mother. Justin Roberts declared Team of Mountain and Bob Cena as those who win of this go with. Mountain devoted his success with his grandmother and dad. At outside of the band, even Bob Cena offered excellent admiration to the excellent one. However, The Mountain wants more from Bob Cena, signaled his followers to relaxed down and signaled Bob Cena to pay attention to his excellent followers and also signaled him to come to band. Bob Cena came to band but WWE Galaxy did not give much reply to Cena. The Mountain revealed how much everyone loves him and followers chanted Rocky’s name. In few times, Bob Cena determined to show his reputation but struggling followers booed him amazingly. In the same way, individuals started disparaging Bob Cena.

The Great one revealed his role in individuals center to Bob Cena. Bob Cena was recognized and at last determined how much individuals still really like individuals champ. In few times, Mountain amazed Bob Cena with very cheap and ongoing his party with his a lot of large numbers rock’s followers one more time center fully. In this way, World Wrestling Amusement finished Twenty fifth yearly struggling pay per view Heir Sequence.
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