Drew Peterson Trial

Attracted Billings Case Coming to Appellate The courtroom — Update!
The Il Substantial The courtroom is mailing Attracted Peterson’s situation back to the appellate judge and informed the idol judges to determine it out themselves.

It looks like sequential marrier and charged wife-killer Attracted Billings is going to be investing another Xmas in the clink as the state’s greater legal courts complete his situation rear again and forth like a hot spud.

In the newest progression in the protracted justice of Billings — who was caught in May 2009 on expenses he killed his third spouse, Kathleen Savio — the Il Substantial The courtroom on Thursday sent his situation rear again to the Third Region Appellate The courtroom in Ottawa.

In March, the appellate the courtroom observed reasons from prosecutors and immunity lawyer Bob Greenberg over what — if any — rumour proof can be used against Billings at his homicide test.

Will Nation State’s Lawyer Wayne Glasgow had introduced the situation to the appellate the courtroom in a bid to opposite Assess Stephen White’s choice to leave out most of the 13 rumour claims he wants to use against Billings.

But in October the appellate the court docket established Glasgow blew a agreement and ignored the appeal without view on its value.

Now the top the court docket wants the appellate the court docket to take the scenario again and make up its mixed ideas about it.

A source said the significant court’s decision indicates Billings will likely spend at least another three a few months in detain before his analyze could perhaps start.

Glasgow was encouraged by the scenario significant court's decision.


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