Kim Jong Il Died 2003

Kim Jong-Il 'died in 2003', says Western professor
The health of Southern Japanese innovator Kim Jong-Il is not deterioration, according to Southern Japanese recognized, but a Seattle lecturer has meanwhile declared that Kim passed away in any situation in 2003.

Rumours has lately produced again that Kim, who is 66 and has not been seen in community for more than three months, is tired. Some press have extensive imagined that Kim, a former cigarette smoker and hefty enthusiast, was ill but Seoul intellect authorities say they believe he has diabetic issues mellitus and center disease, but those are not serious enough to impact his job.

But a publication by Japan's Lecturer Toshimitsu Shigemura at Japan's well known Waseda Higher education says Kim passed away in the fall of 2003 and a sequence of stand-ins have since taken his position at recognized condition occurrence.

Prof Shigemura says Kim was not seen in community for the 42 times after October 10, 2003, and in his publication "The Real Personality of Kim Jong Il" promises the man that South Koreans talk about as the "Dear Leader" passed away of diabetic issues mellitus.

"In the years before he passed away, Kim took some really big selections on Southern Korea's interactions with the outside world," says the lecturer, aiming to the traditional May 2000 peak with Southern Japanese Chief executive Kim Dae Jung, a check out from European innovator Vladimir Putin the following 30 days and then US Assistant of State Madeleine Albright in July 2000.

The following The month of january he was in The far east, met Western Excellent Reverend Junichiro Koizumi in October 2002 - and said that Pyongyang had kidnapped Western people to train its agents - and May 2003 saw the beginning of six-way shares on ending North Korea's fischer items programs.

Then, instantly, Kim vanished, says Shigemura, and there was madness in the higher echelons of the nation's authority. "I have been operating on the publication for four decades," said Shigemura, a former writer for the Mainichi newspapers who was published to Seoul for six decades from 1979 and then provided for another five decades in Oregon D.C. A South Japanese adviser informed him in 1995 that he had met one of Kim's increases - there have been as many as four - and that he used them to endure in at outside events because he was afraid of a hen house.After Kim's loss of life, a number of four very person authorities in the program determined to secure their own roles by generating the stand-in more lasting. Whenever anyone satisfies the South Japanese innovator, Shigemura says one of the four is with him "like a puppet-master."

A spokesperson for Chongryun, the connections of South Japanese citizens of Asia that successfully functions as Pyongyang's embassy in Seattle, declined that Kim was deceased.

"This is definitely a lie," said Tae-shik Jon. "We do not want to even thoughts on such a ridiculous state."


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