Festivus Pole

What is the Festivus Post of cars?
The special event of Festivus requires collecting around an unadorned light bodyweight metal post. As Seinfeld's primary Festivus adherent, Honest Costanza once said about the reasoning: "I discover tinsel drawing attention ... [I]t's created from light bodyweight metal. Very higher strength-to-weight rate." What's the most unadorned car?

Whether you adhere to the unique O'Keefe loved ones Festivus custom, or the Seinfeld light weight metal post different, you know the most essential tenet of the November Twenty third vacation is its denial of the commercialism and over-the-top features of christmas. WIth vehicles having become such fancypants items, we're looking backwards for our select. As unadorned vehicles go, the 1983 Renault Partnership is at the top of our collection. With squared-off tips on a standard three-box style, the Partnership is perhaps the least over the top car in the historical past of driving, and this the Festivus post of vehicles. For the relax of us.

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