Rodney Atkins Take A Back Road

Sit in that six street covered up traffic
Horns are honking, I've about had it
I'm looking for an leave sign
Gotta get out of here, get it all off my mind
And like a recollection space location from your grandpa's attic
A monitor comes slippin through the stereo music audio static
Changing my ideas, a little Mom Strait 1982

And it creates me should take a again road
Makes me should take the significant way home
Throw a little rubble in my travel
Unwind, deal with forever time long
Makes me should get my honey
Tear down some two-lane condition, who knows
Get dropping and get right with my soul
Makes should take, creates me wanna
Take a again road

I've been cooped up, linked down, about forgotten
What a location looks like, finish of type toe and cotton
If I'm want to hit a viewers jam,
Well it better be a tractor man
So ill and used out of this street system
I need a process very easy breeze turbine turbine a twistin
Dusty way to nowhere
With the easy breeze turbine turbine coming through my kids hair

Maybe it's the sensation or maybe it's the freedom
Maybe it's that unlikely spot
Where we excitement location the car when issues get hot
Girl we excitement location the car when the issues get hot

Some old again street, get right with my soul
Now all I have to do is take some old again road
To the unlikely location where issues get hot girl
Way down, way down, way down some old again road

Artist: Low carb Rodney
Song: Take A Again Street
Album: Other Songs


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