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Kim Jong Il dies: White House carefully watching improvements in North The philipines 
U.S. remaining in continuous touch with members Southern South korea, Japan

WASHINGTON - The Current is warily viewing improvements on the Japanese peninsula after the loss of life of Southern Korea's innovator Kim Jong Il and may wait selections on re-engaging the reclusive nation in fischer shares and offering it with food aid, U.S. authorities said Saturday.

The supervision had been predicted to decide on both problems this week, possibly as beginning as Friday, but the authorities said Kim's loss of life would likely wait the process. The authorities talked on scenario of privacy due to the understanding of the scenario. They said the U.S. was particularly worried about any changes that Kim's loss of life might of curiosity in the army positions of Southern and Southern Southern region korea but were encouraged that relaxed would overcome.

The White-colored Home said it was tracking the scenario carefully and in continuous touch with members Southern South korea and Asia, but it provided no purposeful thoughts on the effects of Kim's loss of life. "We continue to be dedicated to balance on the Japanese peninsula, and to the independence and protection of our members," it said in a report. Chief executive Barack Government and Assistant of Condition Hillary Rodham Clinton were both briefed on Kim's loss of life, the White-colored Home and Condition Office said.

South Korea's army and law enforcement were placed on a high notify after Kim's loss of life and the Southern Japanese Chief executive Lee Myung-bak organised an crisis nationwide protection government conference.

Kim's loss of life was declared by state press in a "special broadcast" from Pyongyang overdue Saturday. The review said Kim passed away of a center condition on a practice due to a "great psychological and physical strain" on Dec. 17 during a "high power area assessment." South The philipines will hold a nationwide grieving interval until Dec. 29. Kim's memorial will be used on Dec. 28, it said.

The U.S. authorities distressed that South Korea's past conduct has been infamously irregular, making estimations about its motives difficult. However, they said they considered there would not be considerable changes in South Japanese guidelines under Kim's son and heir obvious Kim Jong Un until at least after the grieving interval comes to an end.


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