Sweet Potato Casserole Marshmallows

8 regular dimension lovely potatoes
1 tablespoons. vanilla
3-5 tablespoons. sugars (to taste)
1/2 keep butter
1/4 tsp. sugar-cinnamon to taste
1/4 - 1 tsp. nutmeg to taste
1/4 c. red juice to taste
Marshmallows (lg. or miniature)
Cinnamon sugars (opt.)

Come (or bake) yams until done. Eliminate shedding from HOT POTATOES and mash well, getting rid of all post. Add all substances but chocolate buttons and sugar-cinnamon sugar; mix well. Apply or fat gently Pyrex or Corning food. Put a part of potatoes, part of chocolate buttons until filled. Drop sugar-cinnamon sugars for added taste. Make about 350 certifications until HOT. Eliminate from range and put chocolate buttons on top. Place again in range to darkish gently. Assists 10 to 12.

You may add 1 cup scalded homogenized take advantage of to spud blend.

Orange draw out may be used instead of red juice. It is more powerful in preference so add properly to preference.


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