Entrepreneur's Retribution On Facebook

Israeli changes his name to Level Zuckerberg

Facebook or myspace creator Level Zuckerberg, match your Israeli doppelganger: Level Zuckerberg.

Israeli online marketer Rotem Guez says he has officially modified his name to that of Facebook's CEO, useless used to influence the web 2. 0 website to again down from what he says are risks to take law suit against him.

He's showing Facebook: "If you want to sue me, you're going to have to sue Level Zuckerberg."

He says a attorney for Facebook or myspace sent him this weeks time to close his internet business Like Keep, phoning it unlawful. Like Keep claims to boost companies' on the internet standing by providing Facebook or myspace customers free articles only available by simply clicking "like" on the companies' information.

The Israeli recognized on Wednesday his company breaks Facebook's conditions of use, but says many U.S. organizations provide identical services.

Facebook dropped to thoughts particularly on the name change, but said it was going after those who break the organization's conditions as part of initiatives to secure customers.


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