Sag Nominations 2012

SAG Nominations 2012: Five Shockers and Snubs!
There weren't some big manufacturers and images losing from the Display Individuals Guild Prizes nominations. There were a lot of big manufacturers and images losing.

A information of the greatest surprises—and omissions:

Top SAG nominations at a glance

The Kid With the Big Epidermis image Comes Up Dry:
OK, so the much-anticipated Level Fincher take isn't up for Awesome Measures Photograph Attire, that's somewhat understandable—after all, there are only five film area games available, as opposed to the potential 10 for the Oscars' Best Photograph. But no Rooney Mara nomination? That's somewhat gorgeous, if not serious to the film's—and Mara's—awards-season qualified prospects.

Kristen Wiig Gets Love—and Not: 
Bridesmaids did what The Hangover couldn't: It got taken seriously. Its attire nod, position it with Oscar extravagant outrageous wild hair such as The Enfant, is important; Stage McCarthy's supporting-actress nomination is well-deserved. But all of that makes Wiig's absence in the Measures Image Females Go Carrying out expert area all the more apparent. She was, after all, first among the 'maids.

Glenn Turn Needs Out Everybody:
OK, so the objective Mara, Wiig and, while we're at it, the More modern Adult-buzzing Charlize Theron aren't up for Females Go Carrying out expert is because Turn used the second-oldest approach in the submissions to different up the very swarmed and very complicated category: in the heretofore low-profile E Nobbs, she functions a child established as a man. In a way, then, Close's nomination isn't a shock—except that, due to the Mara snub, above all, it is.

He Gosling Is MIA:
Last time period, it was Leonardo DiCaprio who couldn't create 1 nomination despite actions for two pictures, Shutter Place and Development. Nowadays, it was Gosling, lowered for both Take a trip and the procedure The Ides of Purpose.

Where Was [Insert Name of Thought Oscar Rivalry Here]?
Take your pick: Martin Scorsese's Hugo, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock's Amazingly Deafening & Amazingly Convert, Steven Spielberg's War Equine, Roman Polanski's Carnage and He Damon's We Obtained a Zoo were all produce. Considering how best market place has been for the H Oldman thriller Chaos Individualized designed Fanatic Spy, that film's goose egg may be the biggest of all.


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