The Saddest Cities In America

If you want record-setting sunshine, St. Petersburg is your city—it once soaked up a Guinness-certified 768 instantly moments of light-weight. But there's an asterisk: The people of St. Pete also have the pitch-dark ambiance having over their thoughts.

We put The u. s. on the therapist's carry and discovered that not only is St. Petersburg our Saddest City, but Florida in standard seems to be a dimly lit location to are property or home.

Of course, we aren't cuts down, so our research is more particular than inner. To come up with our research work, we motivated the following:

  1. devastation rates (CDC)
  2. unemployment rates (Bureau of Labor Analysis, as of May 2011)
  3. percentage of individuals that use mao inhibitors (SimplyMap)
  4. the amount of individuals who papers feeling the doldrums all or most of time.


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