NFL Team's Military Tribute Confuses Fans

End locations at Redskins-Patriots game playing problem fans

Lovers changing into Sunday's film measures between the New England Patriots and Or Redskins were certainly puzzled when they saw that FedEx Location didn't have the typical "Redskins" considered in the end place. Instead, when the 'Skins and Pats obtained, they were doing it in end locations that research "Army" and "Navy."

FedEx Location put the per season Army-Navy film measures on Exclusive and groundskeepers progressively gradually eventually left the images on the area for Sunday's NFL film measures. While the midfield logo was improved to the Redskins insignia, both end locations were progressively gradually eventually left fresh, generating for an exciting dichotomy of pro classes credit score worthiness in stage end locations.

Fans looking at the sport on tv took to Tweets content to exhibit their frustration.

Pro factors regularly agent stage games but groundskeepers usually have time to coloring the end locations. These end locations were progressively gradually eventually left for a reason: The Redskins desired its acceptance to the army to provide into Sunday's film measures.

Here's what the other end place seemed like on Exclusive, complete with the Naval Academy's Midshipmen and U. s. states aspect Point's corps of cadets.

The biggest difference between the Army-Navy movie methods and most newest Redskins affairs? FedEx Area was stuffed for the degree football movie methods.


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